Rausch Creek Off Road Park occupies 3,000 acres in the heart of Pennsylvania's coal region. It is also the sight of the upcoming fourth running of the Ultra4 4WD Hardware Rausch Creek. The "Rausch Creek Qualifier" will be the first of two Eastern Regional Series qualifying races for the 2013 King of the Hammers.

The Rausch Creek race pits drivers against the coal dust of the Alleghenies in terrain that can range from dusty to muddy. The RCQ is a course famous for its dense trees and unpredictable weather. There isn't as much room for high speed, like you see in Johnson Valley, but winding through the forest at speed and tackling the "Rock Creek" glacial deposit, which covers a third of a mile with large boulders, there is plenty of opportunity for drivers to showcase their talents. It's all about proving you have what it takes to be the King.

Our good friend Sean Rose will be racing in his 4th RCQ and hoping to qualify for his third KOH. "Looking forward to our 4th year of challenging the RCQ. We can't wait to hit the high speed and technical areas, but have no desire to drive over all those 6" stumps for hours on end! This is where we qualified for KOH last year and plan on doing it again."

Sean's racing habit comes down to a simple motivation... he says the Stroker Ace, Mike Cooley of the Drive-By Truckers, puts it like this:

"It ain't about the money or even being #1
You gotta know when it's all over you did the best you could've done
Knowing that it's in you and you never let it out
Is worse than blowing any engine or any wreck you'll ever have" - Daddy's Cup

Basically, if you’ve got the ability and opportunity… and you’re NOT doing it… then you’re doing it wrong.

aimg.nc4x4.net_wp_2012_04_savethehammersforweb.jpg RCQ will take place June 2 and 3, 2012. Entry forms and fees for this year's race are due by May 15, 2012 (additional fees apply after the 15th).

This year's race will also include qualifiers for Stock and Stock-Mod classes, for entry in the 2013 Every Man Challenge. Every Man Challenge Drivers (4500 and 4600 vehicles) will be eligible to race in all Ultra4 venues and earn Every Man Challenge Series points for all of the Ultra4 races.

Rausch Creek Off Road park is located at 453 Molleystown Road, Tremont, PA 17981, just north of Harrisburg, PA, off of I-81.
The Traxxas Offroad Championship 2012 Series opens this weekend at the dirt track at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Presented by AMSOIL, this is short course off-road truck racing in a stadium setting! The epic battle at Charlotte last year between Ricky Johnson and Johnny Greaves was the series' most talked about race of the year. The two are set to square off again this weekend.

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Scott Fields is well-known throughout central North Carolina as a go-to guy for just about anything 'URE'. A Charter Member of the United Four Wheel Drive Association and a Forest Service volunteer for over 25 years, Scott was instrumental in getting 4x4 access trails at Uwharrie National Forest. He has not only acted as a liaison between the USFS, 4x4 clubs, and ATV clubs, but he helped in the design of the OHV Trail Systems at Uwharrie and Tellico.

As off-road enthusiasts, Scott Fields is one of our best advocates, spokesmen and lobbyists. We talked with Scott about growing up as an avid outdoorsman and how the UORTC came to be. Click here to continue reading...
When the subject of this weekend's ECORS season opener at the Flats came up Brad Carrier said, "we are 100% on and ready to kick ass." He admits he may not be the poster child for sponsorship but, on the track, he always drives the wheels off his rig.

Actually, since the inaugural ECORS race in October 2009, he's shown at least one XJ to its demise. He ran most of the Vale race in June, 2010, without brakes.

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After finishing out 2011 by winning the ECORS finale at Windrock, Shawn Fisher is getting back to his roots. Applying his midwestern work ethic and explosive driving style to the 2012 season, he's taking aim at the best dirt tracks and rock obstacles the east coast and midwest have to offer. His sights are set on the 2013 King of the Hammers and, if things go according to plan, his competitors are in the rear view. Continue reading...
Sean Rose qualified for the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers at the ECORS Harlan Qualifier in August, 2010, on a shredded right front tire. His 914 buggy arrived in Johnson Valley last February with a bang when the transmission blew up while backing off the trailer. Sean had been Shawn Fisher's co-driver at the 2010 KOH and was determined not to lose his chance to make a dream into reality: to drive in the epic race and take his shot at a chance to raise the sceptre as King of the Hammers. He and his dedicated crew put it all back together during the week on the lake bed but he rolled going up Outer Limits on his second lap.

After qualifying at Rausch Creek last May, Team Fourward Momentum is heading west this week for the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers! Click here to find out more about Sean and the 914 4400 car...