hydro assist end cap


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Dec 19, 2005
I tried to order one of these 3" end caps from DIY4x and they told me that they're out of stock and not going to produce them anymore. Does anyone know of another source?
end cap

I know that I could just tap the box but I'd rather not even take it off the frame if possible.
If you drill and tap it while the pump is running, you don't have to worry about chips getting in.
Since you have to pull the cap anyway, why not just get @braxton357 to CNC you something? Then you could even pick a font called something other than "Full Retard". He's just hanging out all peg-leggy, might as well be productive.

It's probably not as fast as it would be if the box itself was tapped. I'm also running it off of a Cummins PS pump, have hydroboost, and have a 2" ram. I'm asking a lot of that PS pump. It has worked quite well for me for the past 15ish years though!