Superduty axles, flatbed, PTO, transmission, various other parts.


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Mar 20, 2005
Feel free to make offers. Pulling a lot of these prices out of thin air.

Hydroboost, master cylinder, brake pedal $200 (you pull it)

1999 f250 frame, suspension , steering, and axles $1000

94" wide 9' long steel flatbed $1200 (needs brackets)

5r110 with transfer case (electric shift), Derale deep sump pan, and PTO with hydraulic pump $2500

2005 f350 4x4 reg can dually rolling chassis (not ready to go yet) $2500, this is a GREAT way to upgrade a 2004 or older f350 to coil spring front suspension. I have done the swap on my excursion, turning radius and ride is MUCH better.

6.0 intercooler, radiator, trans cooler, 5 doors (all fronts)

Cummins to 5r110 adapter

Various other stuff. I will also have a running 6.0 for sale at some point in the future, it is currently in my Excursion, I am compiling parts to swap to a Cummins, but that's not a top priority. The 6.0 has 305k, head studs, and various other mods.


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I'd negotiate on axles/suspension. Obviously nobody needs the frame probably. If someone were to want them I'd get motivated to pull them.
Was trying to talk him into doing the swap on his late 99 ex-cab 7.tree he scooped up with 110k miles šŸ˜®
The last thing I need is another project to work on......

But how many miles on this thing and what gears are in the axles?

Two questions I don't know the answer to. I'd bet 4.10 as that's most common. The wiring is horrible on the truck (was converted to a 6bt), I might could hotwire it to check when it stops raining.

It's not that bad of a swap, obviously the rear is easy. The front is essentially bolt in.
How many miles are on the 5r110 tranny? Mine is starting to do the death shudder.
I will have to check. But you can likely find a trans cheaper, this one might be something I have to eBay. Most 5r110's don't have a PTO option on the side, so that makes this one more valuable (hopefully). I just sold a regular 5r110 and got $1k for it, after looking on FB marketplace, I think I got more for it than about any junkyard charges ($350-700)
You got a set of front 40/20/40 seats laying around?

I was wrong, this 05 is 40/20/40. Not the best condition though. Make me an offer if interested


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