The wheeling trip from hell!!! Coal Creek


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Nov 10, 2009
Knoxville TN
Windrock is a great place to ride. Its my back yard riding place. In the last few years they have focused on ATV/SxS more then crawlers. The trails that we ride on the map are out dated. If its rated Hard on the map its actually going to be more like extreme. If you do not ride there regularly and your planning a trip I would suggest getting on pirate or the local websit and asking some questions about what you wanna ride or should ride for your rig. The trails are either easy or oh shit what did I just get myself into.


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Jan 30, 2008
Burke County (Hildebran)
Well I didn't really pull four hours to ride around on gravel roads all day. I thought it was awesome except for having my 3 yr old w/ me which turned out not so bad. If he can make it through that ride he will be w/ me every time. He had a heck of a story to tell everyone at Bust'r Bus(preschool)
Jan 12, 2008
Cabarrus County, NC
wow. what a story fellas.
I need to finish that front axle and get a winch before I can follow yall up coal creek or harlan.
just wow.
glad everyone was safe and this didn't turn out to be a carnage story of limb or rig.


Nov 19, 2007
not sure what distance i traveled, but i somehow managed to get back to camp on fumes and on the trailer. I unloaded at the house and before i could air the tires up it ran dry.

tincan, it sounds like we need you to meet us and lead the way next time we go back!