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    We went wheeling the other day and I noticed my running lights were not working on my trailer. I brought my 7 pin tool home from work and discovered I had several things not working.

    I crawled under the truck and holy crap! The wiring is a mess. Lots of electrical tape, scotch locks, and splices. I don't even know where to start!

    My question is there a place (other than a junkyard) to buy a replacement rear chassis harness? I have searched and come up with nothing. My truck in older (98 dodge 3500) and I can't find anything. If no one makes them then I guess I'm stuck rebuilding the one on the truck.

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    Unless it's spliced many times or ran way tight most of the problems can be solved by replacing the scotch blocks and making good grounds.

    But no direct kits.....I just rewire from scratch using quality stuff. Harness like that would be factory dealer and may be a lot more than you need.......and very expensive.

    Now if it's a towing up grade spliced into the rear lights ect.......those are available all day.

    One of many many options.

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