1994 F250XLT Diesel, good truck?


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Mar 20, 2005
Found what seems like could be a really good deal. Possibly doing a trade for this truck for my 4-runner + some cash. I have a couple questions though.

It is an extended cab, 5spd, 7.3 turbo diesel, 94 model, 2wd. 193000 miles on it. He said the PO put an injector pump, injectors, and a glow plug timer, said he spent $2200 on it, but was not sure exactly what all he had done.

My girlfriends dad thinks it looks like a nice truck, but he says that with a diesel, it would cost about the same amount to fix them if something goes wrong as it would to replace the whole engine in a gas motor truck. I want a diesel for a few reasons, pulls better, better mileage, and the ability to run on veggie oil in the future. Gas motors just don't appeal to me, takes too much to get them going with a trailer, and I try to baby them to get better mileage and they still drink the gas.

How reliable is the 7.3, if the PO really did have the clutch, injectors and such replaced possibly 30K ago, how long would it possibly last. If all goes well I may be able to trade my 4-runner + $1000 or a little less for this truck, which I think would be an awesome trade, since the F-250 retails on NADA for over $6000.

Thanks, I won't reply because I will be gone till next thursday, but I will be sure to check this when I get back.


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Apr 12, 2005
Durham NC
@ 193k, the truck is about halfway through its lifespan as far as the drivetrain is concerned. IF the body is good, go for it.

The 2200 in recent repair costs is possible, a clutch kit is ~$900 in parts alone. However, my old 93 NA diesel cost a clutch, belt tensioner, and repairing leaking injectors in over 200k miles of use between me, my brother, and grandfather( it was the second 200k miles too). Only other things were normal maintenance such as fuel filters, etc.
You have less than 3k in your runner, and are gonna spend about 1 more, truck is definitely worth it.

Yeah, it will cost about twice as much to replace a diesel as a gas motor, BUT, it will last more than twice as long. The dual mass flywheel makes clutches exspensive, but single flywheel conversions are $3-400. Also, the 'new' one should last 150-200k miles. I've heard some people having trouble with the ZF 5spd, but never had trouble with mine.

I also got about 17 mpg empty, loaded whatever, unless it was a HEAVY load.


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May 8, 2006
Bailey, NC
The 7.3 is a great motor. I have seen them get 300K with very little maint. There is truth to the repair cost being higher, but it is also alot longer between the times you will perform the repairs