2003 Ford F250 6.0L Powerstroke ZF6 manual 4x4


The Jeeper Reaper
Aug 9, 2005
Wake Forest, NC
Selling my tow rig. I absolutely love this truck and this seriously pains me to do this, but we're trying to sell off all three of our trucks and combine into a newer truck with lower mileage. This has been a good truck and it took me a long time to find a crew cab shortbed diesel with a manual. I bought it right before COVID as a tow rig for messing around my shop, and then after that things changed and we now use it way more than we intended to. It has 310k miles on it and runs good....but.....it is now building pressure in the cooling system. Probably needs either a head gasket or an EGR cooler. It is a stock engine and not bulletproofed. It still runs and drives but it is a little down on power and then the cooling system pressure issue so I haven't driven it much.

In the last 15k miles I have put some money into it to keep it in good shape. About 15k ago I put a new clutch with a single mass flywheel. About 10k miles ago I put new injectors in and about 2k miles ago I put a new HPOP in. It has all new brakes (all new calipers, new lines, newer ABS pump, new brake master, new hydroboost, everything) but needs a new parking brake release cable and the parking brake needs to be adjusted. The parking brake was shot when I got it and I replaced everything, but it still doesn't work. The only thing I haven't replaced is the rear rotors since they sent me the wrong ones when I was doing the brakes so I reused the old ones. I think they are worn out on the parking brake surface to where they don't give enough space to grab. I'm sure it is an easy fix. It is literally all new, there is surely just some adjustment that needs done. I just leave it parked in low gear. It has an XD coolant filter setup along with a new exhaust system from turbo back. No cat but has muffler. With the 2003 turbo it sounds pretty awesome but not obnoxious. Tires only have about 10k miles on them at most. I think I put them on last year. Has new hubs on all four corners as well.

Interior is nice but is a little dirty. Headliner is kinda dirty but everything works well. Needs the AC services, I have that little line filter but haven't installed it and recharged it yet. Common issue that is probably the problem with it. Has almost brand new door and rear speakers and a touchscreen Android/ApplePlay stereo that cost me over $500 just for that.

Truck does have rust but it is still a good truck that just needs some love. Mechanically, with a good bulletproof of this engine, it would last someone a really long time.

I'm looking to get $6000 for it. I'm pretty firm at that, I probably have invested that much in new parts over the last 20k miles.






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