4BT And Towing?


Mar 22, 2005
Charlotte, NC
For the sake of argument, 77 Ford F250 2wd (7900GVW) with a 400M, C6, and 60 Rear w/3.0x gears.

How much could it tow with a mildly built 4bt?? The trailer has (or will have) brakes on both axles. Google search for 4BT GVRW comes up with 16k, how much more could tuning push that number up?

Truck is probably 5k to 5500, and trailer I curently own is about #4800. It is a 30ft deckover gooseneck. Adding a second vehicle would almost always push me past 16k, so I am wondering if there is any reason to put a gooseneck hitch in the ford. I bought it to sell, but it is a crazy solid and original NC truck, I am trying to rationalize keeping it..lol

*edit* this would never be used in the mountains, I have a 3500 Dodge for that, but could the little 4cyl pull some weight even around (flat) Charlotte?
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for the investment in a 4bt.... why not put a 12V in it? I would gander that fuel consumption is going to be similar when towing
For the time and effort I'd just put a 12 or 24v in it. Also regardless of which motor you choose it will most def need a rear gear change to some in the range of a 4.10.