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By NC4x4 on Jun 13, 2012 at 6:00 PM
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    Mar 10, 2005
    [encadre=Bigelow Motorsports 4413 Moonbuggy Specs | 25]2006 L33 5.3 Chevy (4 million HP)
    Hughes TH350
    Atlas 3.0
    Ruffstuff 609 axles
    Yukon 5.40 gears
    Yukon Grizzly Lockers
    Yukon 4340 Super Joints
    Yukon 35 spline Inners and Outers
    1350 Tom Woods Driveshafts
    40" Maxxis Trepadors
    9300 Alpha Bulldog Winch
    22 gallon Jaz fuel cell
    4 Baja Designs Feugos lights
    2 Baja Designs Squadron lights
    PSC race steering system
    Lots of coolers for everything
    Cool Shirt personal cooling shirt
    (2) Powertank systems (1) personal cooling (1) for air duty
    DJ Safety Harnesses

    [/encadre]Having what it takes to consistently play at the highest levels of off-road endurance racing takes skill and not a little bit of hard work. From success in the XRRA Eastern series, to a 4th place finish (after starting 42nd of 44) at the 2008 King of the Hammers, Doug Bigelow consistently proves he's one of the big dogs. He's run every KOH since 2008 and the purple 4413 is headed north for the King of Hammers Qualifier race at Crandon International Speedway this weekend.

    The man in charge of Bigelow Motorsports was kind enough to take a few minutes to talk to us about his off-road racing career, past, present and future...

    How did you first get involved with off-road racing?

    Years ago, my wife Katrina and I wanted to do something together where we could enjoy being together all the time. Rockcrawling found its way into our daily lives. I had always had big trucks and loved going off-roading to get to that camp or fishing spot and somehow the two ended up mixing together. We have kids now so the last couple of years its been tough for us to always get out and compete but as the boys are getting older I am looking forward to her getting a chance to get back out and compete some more.

    ...We heard that Doug passed on the Raush Creek Qualifier last month in honor of his tenth wedding anniversary. We think that's a pretty cool thing to do...

    What do you have planned for 2012?

    A lot more racing. First things, first, though I need to qualify for the King of the Hammers race in 2013 since we had issues at this year's race. That's a huge priority for the team. Between the Crandon short course race, the Badlands Qualifier, and the National Finals, I need to qualify for the main King of the Hammers race.

    I also have the rest of the Rausch Creek racing series and the Line Mountain racing series, plus a bunch of other planned auto shows we are going to get to. I also just purchased an International truck to convert to a toterhome and we are moving over to a new house so I think there will probably be a new race shop being built in there somewhere too. I've been lobbying for the 27-hour day but nobody is listening. Rest When You're Dead!


    Who are your sponsors?

    We have some awesome sponsors and one that I would really like to thank is Yukon Gear and Axle. Not just for being our title sponsor this year but for really building an awesome group of products. For the last 6 years in every competition and race we have run, Yukon Gear and Axle products have been in our race vehicle and each race they live up to the beating we put them through. If anyone has seen me drive I don't hold anything back. Our drive train takes a severe beating each race we go to and Yukon Gear and Axle gets me across the finish line each time. Big thanks to everyone over there, Randy, Neal, Kevin, all the Techs and everyone in the office. Its a class act at Yukon Gear and Axle and I'm very proud to be a part of their program.

    I also couldn't get it done with out the rest of my Associate Sponsors. It's a huge undertaking to compete at a high level like we do and without all of my sponsors pulling together to get me to the races there is no way that I could begin to do what we do with Bigelow Motorsports. Special thanks to Tom Woods Driveshafts, Bulldog Winch, Raceline Wheels, Maxxis Tires, F-O-A Shocks, Everlast Welders, Ruffstuff Specialties, Cool Shirt, Stage 8 Locking Fasteners, Hinchman Racewear, Baja Designs, PSC Steering, AJIK Overland Exchange, Reid Racing, Artec Racing, Powertank, DJ Safety and Bink Fabrications.

    Where is the most interesting place you've ever been off-road?

    I really love Johnson Valley, CA. There is something about that place that has made me drive back there every year for the last 5 years. With that being said there are some really awesome places in this country to go wheeling. Harlan, Kentucky, is probably 2nd on my list. I've only been there once but it was a blast and I'm looking forward to going back. Some of the more interesting places are right in my backyard. Gore, VA and a little spot we have in Hagerstown, MD are fun challenging areas.

    What is your favorite track?

    The ones where I win, those are always the best! Seriously though, the King of the Hammers race just due to the terrain and challenge. The challenge being the course and the drivers mixed together makes for an unreal experience.


    The 4400 class for the Brush Run is limited, but the field of competitors is filled with big names from Ultra4 racing. We wish Doug and his team the best of luck!

    photos courtesy of Bower Motorsports Media

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    1. broncosbybart
      Great work once again!! Thank you guys for all you do!
    2. nctom
      Awesome write up!
      Good luck in Crandon, Doug and Will! Show them what the southern boys can do!
      I am headed up there as soon as I can make it. Racing at Crandon is top ten bucket list material.

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