Big shout out to a couple club members.

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    Jan 24, 2006
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    I want to really thank Will Fox and Lorenzo Morales for being great club members.
    After the Scott Fields dedication ceremony my brother and I were on our way back to his house in Charlotte.
    My brand new radiator cap decided to puke out nearly all my antifreeze.
    Before I even got my hood up there was Will and Lorenzo!
    We managed to get a little water in the radiator.
    Off to the NAPA store about three miles away.
    Will followed me to the parts store but they didn't have cap in stock.
    Closest one was about 10 miles away.
    Will drove me to the other parts store and back.
    Got everything buttoned back up and we were on our way.
    Guys....I can't thank you enough for being so helpful to us.
    Thanks for showing us again that the Carolina Trail Blazers are awesome people.

    Blake Mize
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