Camping World Service Center in Garner is the pits!!!!


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Jul 15, 2005
Last camping trip last year my AC let me down on my 1996 Viking Pop-up. It's getting power but not blowing out anything. So I googled and Camping World in Garner was the only RV service center in the RDU area. First called them at end of February. Took a solid month to get on the list to get it in there. They've had my camper for 3 weeks now. Called today and they haven't even looked at it. Said they are way behind and doubt it will get looked at anytime soon.

I've realized I can take an AC course at a tech school and fix it myself cheaper and faster than CW...:flipoff:

Their online feedback is poor. And it's so obvious that they are tremendously understaffed. Good for them they are busy. But sure gives me upset stomach to think that I may never see my camper again.

So I told them I was coming down there tomorrow to drag it back home. Googled online and have a couple things to check. The bad part about it is that I'm going to have to run a 10 gage wire and buy a special plug (item number brought to my attention by someone on here on another thread a long time ago). And do it myself...

CW base price for checking AC unit is $96. A brand new system is around $350. My unit is going on 20 years old. I may just try to give the fan a whirl and if it's not stuck, just go for plan B and be done with a new unit... If stuck, replace and go on.

It worked very well before last camping trip last year. And I'm spoiled not to go without it.

Just blowing some steam. Feel much better now. STAY AWAY FROM CAMPING WORLD SERVICE CENTER IN GARNER!!!!!

I had their Belleville, Michigan store install a set of airbags on my 1997 Cummins Dually. Their "professional installers" are nothing but a bunch of high school kids, and they essentially screwed them up so bad that they eventually had to be done over by another RV dealer! I used to refer to them as "Crappy World".

My wife is an AC tech, and *might* be able to get your unit up and running again. PM me if your interested.

And oh yea, when I went to get my camper they'd crammed it into the very back with 2 campers in front of it. They had to pull the other campers out into the front just to pull mine out. CW Service Center is just trying to take on more than they can plain and simple. And mis-managed from the top down.
But what gets me is their waiting list just to get it in there. You'd think when they call you to tell you your time has come to bring your camper in that they'd have a projector date to just look at it? When they had not a CLUE when they would have gotten to it.
For some reason the topic of "we sold 15 new units this month alone" came up twice when I went back. I was as nice as I could be knowing that blowing any steam would not have helped the situation so I just "wow'ed" and went on. But I'd love to know what that had to do with price of eggs in China / the service center???

My best guess is that the only tech dude working his ass off in the Service Center must be having to sell new campers as well??? I watched a girl check a new one out in the parking lot with a check list. There's a lot of job security in that business!!!

Anyways, guess I still had a little bit of steam to build up for I feel better now after this post to go home after work and load my box fan in the truck tonight.:flipoff2: Who needs AC... Those damn spoiled camper people.:shaking: Maybe I need to bring the tent to REALLY get the spoilness out of me.