CNC-4x4 2012 Beach Bash

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    We're headed back to the beach!

    The CNC-4x4 club's annual Beach Bash will be held this coming weekend September 7-9th at Carolina Beach at the "north end" (Freeman Park).

    This event is similar to our Spring and Fall flings, but less about planned activities - mostly a day or three to hang at the beach and enjoy each the company of like-minded folks.

    As an official club event, the Beach Bash can be used to satisfy the club's requirement for new members to attend at least one event before joining - so we encourage anybody interested in the club to stop by, visit, get to know us, and see if they're interested in becoming a member.

    You'll find us easily enough as we'll be flying the club's banner, with the official gathering at 12:00pm on Saturday the 10th. So come out to enjoy what we hope to be a great weekend at the beach and meet some CNC folks!

    Official Beach Bash page

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    Recap of the trip-

    13th Beach Bash 2012
    First a quick trip report. Great turnout and hope everybody enjoyed their weekend. On the beach we had some interesting times dealing with mother nature, which is always a factor when wheeling or just outdoors in general, but we got lucky too.. :) Beautiful afternoon both Fri. and Sat., great time on the beach. When the wind wasn’t trying to blow the canopy down, the rain squashing everything in sight, in was really pretty! The campers decided to bail late Sat. after dinner as the weather reports didn’t look good for that evening or for packing up Sun. morning. Glad we did, as we got rained on the entire trip home! Had a blast, enjoyed taking a swim in some rough surf, and getting to cook one of my favorite meals.

    Second, and most importantly, want to give a huge thanks to everybody who helped with the event this weekend. I literally could not have done it without so many involved. First, Nick, who stayed with me all week prior and helped get things ready ahead of time, all thru out, drove half way home, and spent many hours helping to cleanup the gear.

    Rick’s mom, Nancy, who was so glad to have found us and pitched in immediately once we arrived. What a self-sufficient woman! Rick, you’ve got good genes! Rick and Cody, helped all throughout and without Rick’s drive to get the canopy down – well, I might have left that sucker on the beach!

    Tony and Amanda, wanted to help in any way possible – tipping water off the canopy and tents, helping with the setup, just fantastic! Got there early, stayed literally till the end! Tony, if anybody ever doubts your chops, just point at Amanda!

    Shawn has proven indispensable now three years running, keeping me on track with timing of adding each type of seafood, helping with all aspects of the cook – great job!

    Doug’s son, Daniel, Justin, Doug, Carl – I’m not even sure who go involved, but thanks so much help getting that damn canopy apart! I really hope I haven’t left anybody off the list on that one! The guys up fishing all night helped keep us safe from the roaming hoards of hippies… wish I could have been out there with you!

    I will admit that I will definitely cook on the beach again, and I will definitely camp on the beach again, but it is unlikely that I’ll do both! I hope everybody enjoyed the event as much as I did! See you on the sand next year!
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