Electrician Knowledge Needed


Jul 2, 2015
asheville nc
Ive had an electrician come out.

The house is about 20yr old. Nearest pole is 40 yards away. The line is underground from there to my meter. My panel is directly opposite side of wall from the meter. I have verified everything is tight and breakers reseated in the panel. Mains are tight.

Anytime i turn on any kind of demanding device (on any circuit), whether it be the AC, Heat pump, Keurig - new ones that are on demand no boiler, air compressor, etc. All lights in the house dim from the demand. In the case of the Keurig, for the length of the brew all lights flicker. Non stop. And again doesnt matter what circuit I have the keurig plugged into. Oh also doesnt matter if I have LED, Incandescent, or Fluorescent bulbs - they all react the same.

The only input the electrician had was that maybe something was loose at the pole?

Need to fix this before I finish the flip and AirBnB it.
The only input the electrician had was that maybe something was loose at the pole?
I had that at my old shop. Large draw like the air compressor or welder and the lights would dim. Shouldn't happen seeing I had a 200-amp service. I had Duke power come out and they found one of the transformer lugs was loose on one of my main power wires. Once they tightened it up the issue was gone.
Sounds like you are loosing a neutral on the feed line. You can call the power company to come out and verify/load test up to their side of the meter. I have seen roots push wiring up into the underpinning, knicks with garden tools, and scrapes from plumbing repairs.
We had a similar issue where the leads had rubbed together and were arcing underground, causing the power to dim or drop out:
Amazing luck that you found that issue right where you were digging with the excavator
As cool of a story as that would be...
The Duke guy found it with a shovel when he came out to figure out why there was no power to either house while the electricians were trying to wire up the new house back in 2019. Turns out it was just a foot or so off the transformer:
Reporting back. The flickering has stopped with all high amperage appliances. the on demand keurig still does it though, but there is a whole reddit about these new style units causing this issue.