[Feb 11, 2017] BIG CREEK 'Valentine' 'Coach & Drive' (Uwharrie, NC)

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    What: Guided trail ride

    When: 11 February 2017 - 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Meet: Uwharrie Off Road Training Center, 4026 NC Highway 109 North, Eldorado, NC 27371 at 9:00 AM. We will leave at 10:00 SHARP for Big Creek. You will leave your trailer at UORTC if you have a licensed 4WD. Limited trailer parking available at Big Creek. We will be meeting at UORTC NOT at Big Creek. Please arrive EARLY to make sure we have all your paperwork and ready for a short 'Driver and all passengers MEETING' at 10:00 AM. We will then breakup into 2 groups of 15 4WDs in each, another short meeting and air-down at BIG CREEK. We will try to accommodate keeping friends/parties together the best we can. Meeting new friends is a good thing!!

    Where: Big Creek 'Private, Challenging, Off-Road Adventure Trails at Uwharrie!'

    Why: An opportunity to drive some totally different trails in the Uwharrie National Forest area; test your driving skills and your vehicle’s off road capabilities; enjoy a fun and rewarding day getting to know yourself and your 4WD vehicle. UORTC's best will be on hand to help you if you would like or we can be hands-off. We can provide expert coaching, recovery assistance and spotting. Safety and TREAD Lightly! are the most important factors.

    Big Creek is a 120 acre property located 4 miles North from UORTC's headquarters. This property has been leased by UORTC to develop trails for training and fun. These trails provide challenges to test modified vehicles with lockers, large tires and WINCHES while providing bypasses that allow a near stock 4x4 vehicle the ability to enjoy the same trails! Some of the trails are tight and not suitable for full size vehicles (ie., F-150, C-10, 2500, etc.) without incurring body damage!

    Drivers must sign a Waiver and a Safety Agreement. All passengers must sign a Waiver. Minors under the age of 18, parents/guardians must sign a waiver for them.

    One will check in at UORTC headquarters at 9:00 AM (4026 NC Highway 109 North, Troy, NC, 27371) where you will sign your paperwork. OHV trail driving/riding is an inherently dangerous sport and you acknowledge this fact and assume all liability for damage to your vehicle or injuries to you, your passengers or others on the Big Creek property!
    If one breaks down or has problems on the trail - You Will Not Be Left Behind! We will all work together to help that person out! Patience and courtesy is important when wheelin' together!

    There is LIMITED trailer parking at Big Creek, register early to insure your spot! There are no bathroom facilities at Big Creek! Bring your own food and drinks! The Big Creek gate will close at 5 p.m. sharp! One may leave at anytime (and return) to travel to the Eldorado Outpost for flushing toilets and food/drinks if they desire. HOWEVER -We cannot guarantee that we can get you back into one of the caravanning groups. Please bring your lunch, snacks, drinks and other items you may need or want on the trail with you. Please - Plan on staying with your caravanning group the entire day!


    If wet and rainy, please prepare for some very tough trails :)

    Again, there will be UORTC personnel stationed on the Big Creek trails to ensure your safety and provide obstacle coaching IF you so desire. We will be monitoring channel 7 FRS/GMRS with handheld transmitters (walking) and CB Channel 17 inside our 4WDs.

    Camp sites on the UORTC Headquarters property are available for Friday and Saturday nights. Cost is FREE. If interested in camping please let me know.

    As you know, we will be breaking up into 2 groups of 14 to 16 in each group. We will do our best to keep friends and family together!

    One group will be more for the driver that likes to drive without spotters, recovery help and coaches.
    The other group will be for the driver that likes the little extra help from a spotter, driver coach or rigging your winch. Be thinking of which group you want to be in please. Both groups will be driving the same trails just at different times.

    Please arrive by 9:15 AM @ UORTC so we don't hold up the group.

    Price: $45 per 4wd vehicle. Carry as many passengers for free as you want as long as they are under seat belts and within the confines of the 4wd vehicle!

    How to register: You must pre-pay via check, credit card or PayPal. Preferred payment is by check, made payable to: UORTC. Please mail to: UORTC, 4026 NC Highway 109 North, Uwharrie, NC 27371. Put on memo line -ride and date you're paying for. We will email you a welcome letter and confirmation of payment. One week prior to your ride you will receive a detailed informational email. If paying by PayPal, please use my email address scott@BigCreek.rocks to pay. If paying by credit card call me. Contact Scott Fields at 336-906-1644 or scott@BigCreek.rocks , with any questions. We will need your email, telephone number and vehicle make and model.

    You will receive a complete refund if for some extreme reason the ride is not held. You may also choose to transfer your payment to a future ride. We will hold the ride - rain, snow or shine!
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    This ride is FULL!
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    Man this place is awesome!!!! If you ever get a chance to go, do it. Had a blast with the JK. It's a bit tight for the Hummer, but after seeing the 80s go throw there, it may be possible.
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