Got Mobile home axles under your trailer? Heres some good news!

Discussion in 'General Tech' started by nctom, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. nctom

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    Dec 9, 2008
    I did a lot of research and here is the good news if you want to convert to normal hubs and wheels.
    A Dexter 6000 pound 6x5.5 lug hub fits the axle. Same is true for the brake kits available for these axles, but you have to weld on a flange for the backing plate.

    Plug this number into ebay 260344947324

    This is a complete kit for one axle. They also have complete brake kits with the same bearing dimensions. Basicaly you can put all new hubs, bearings, seals, etc, on one axle and all this, plus brakes on the other for 300 bucks. Then run 6x5.5 truck wheels and tires, which will much easier to aquire on the road.

    I am not interested in starting a post about the legalities, or other chatter about the quality of the dreaded MH axle. My flat trailer has had MH springs and axles under it for 15 years without a single issue. As a matter of fact several of your rigs have ridden on it.:D The biggest issue is the hassel with the throwaway brakes and the rim clamp style wheel. This solves those issues with easy to find, current 6000 pound parts and tires.
  2. olejunky

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    Oct 11, 2006
    I did this to my axles and it has worked great. The only caution is this does not work on all MH axles there are a couple different model #'s that had different bearing sizes and don't match up to the dexter axles. I was told this from American Trailer where i got the stuff to convert everything to 6 lug.
  3. braxton357

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    Apr 6, 2005
    Yeah like he said, wait until you get the bearings to and hubs to get excited. I tried the same thing with my last trailer and MH axles and they weren't the correct bearings. That being said, you can find bearings for them contrary to what people think and you can put brakes on them like you found out. My current hudson has the california style/mobile home rims but is a legit dexter ez lube axle with the correct 6k bearings and replaceable brakes and whatnot, I actually prefer the donut wheels but tires aint cheap.
  4. paradisePWoffrd

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    Nov 5, 2005
    Newton, NC
    the link you posted was just the hub not a brake kit... good info none the less

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