Hill Climb Short Course Challenge date May 30th The Flats ORP Rain or Shine

By M&M Offroad on Apr 5, 2015 at 11:43 AM
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    Mar 16, 2006
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    M&M Offroad Is proud to sponsor a Hill Climb Short Coarse challenge on Sat May 30 at 2:00. This will be held at the lower obstacle sections of The Flats Offroad Park. We hope all will attend and lots will participate. There will be cash awards as well as custom built trophies by M&M Offroad.

    It will be a doable course and will encompass driver skill, speed, and maneuverability. Please contact me with text, pms, or phone calls for questions or to sign up. We will be taking sign up on the day of but prefer to get early registrations.

    There are other Great Venders who are putting up hard earned money for the winnings of the events.

    Thanks To
    The Flats Off Road Park
    Jody Treadway @ Carolina axle & 4x4
    Chris Steuber from Ujoint Offroad
    NC 4x4 The Website Shawn and Cydney

    More to come....

    Thanks PJ
    M&M Offroad

    Here is a list of rules

    Hill climb will be on the parking lot obstacle area.
    Must have seat belt or harness. No lap belts. Must wear a helmet. Must have hard top or roll bar/cage.
    Timed event with 1 rig at a time
    38" tire and up will go up the rocks turn up top above the rock garden then come down dirt hill beside the rocks then shoot up the steep climb to the right of the rocks.
    37" and under will go up the rock obstacle the same turn at the top and go off of dirt hill then they will go up the concrete hill climb and not have to go up the steep hill.
    Sxs race will run a modified version of the 37" class.
    Sign up fee is $10
    Winner gets 50% of the pot other 50% goes to benefit, This is on top of other sponsor cash and prize donations.
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    1. Ron
      Thanks for stepping up for a great cause.

      Class act as always.

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    2. Jody Treadway
      Jody Treadway
      I'll be racing myself and I'll toss in some added $$$ to get some racers involved.
      Thanks for doing this PJ!
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    3. M&M Offroad
      M&M Offroad
      ATTENTIONS ALL 4x4 CLUBS .....
      In the name of old school club competition, i am calling out every club on this board and others. I am putting up a $100 dollar bill that i will give to the benefit cause, if The MUD DEVILS Do not take 1st place in the two full size vehicle Hill Climb short Course Challenges. Enter and make me pay up!!!!
    4. M&M Offroad
      M&M Offroad
      Another sponsor coming through to sweeten the POT...

      Thanks to Chris Steuber from Ujoint Offroad in Fletcher he is putting up another $100 toward the payout for the challenge.

      This is going to be a great event.
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      I'm in. Me and #bigbertha on the big tire course.

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    6. Ron

      I like it.
      Right now I'm 50/50 on whether I'll even be able to make it because of some family issues.I
      And even if Im there it will be to hang out with some old friends only unless there is a stock F250 course as I dont otherwise have a 4wd to even enter.

      Soooo seeing as how I've been one of the most outspoken and
      seeing as how the cause of cancer research is near and dear to my heart and
      seeing as how I currently owe @shawn a small insignificant amount of cash.

      I am going to sweeten the pot.

      I am putting up $50 in the form of a prize in the name of NC4x4 for the winner of the hill climb challenge.
      If the winner of the challenge chooses to, instead of taking the cash, donate their proceeds to the cause I will match and donate an additional $50 in the name of the winning 4x4 club to the cause.

      If I find out that I will not be able to make it that day I will have the money there in the hands of one of the trusted vendors already committed (I'll be in touch either @M&M Offroad or @Jody Treadway )
    7. M&M Offroad
      M&M Offroad
      Awesome Ron. Thanks for the support. We have another Vender Stepping up. Big Thanks to Cydney and Shawn for throwing in another $100 To the Pot for the winners of the Hill Climb Short Course Challenge.
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    8. jaybird1ton
      Me and 2-3 others are going to race the big class:driver::driver:
    9. jaybird1ton
      Kelly @ Low Range Off road is giving $100 to the race also! Thanks Kelly
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    10. Dylan W.
      Dylan W.
      ..the pots growing for the winners quite nicely.
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    11. Infamous1
      It staying the same for the losers...... I really want to see this go down!!
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    12. treeman30
      Do you have any pics of what the trophies will look like?
    13. trailtoy83
      I should be there to try and win the Hill Climb, unless something happens and i have to work. Any idea of what time it will start
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    14. jaybird1ton
      Race starts at 2pm. [emoji106]
    15. Jody Treadway
      Jody Treadway
      Mine will have a "1" on it. Not sure about the rest of them :D
    16. superpile
      So there is a rzr class from what I'm told? Hmm sounds like a blast. Going to try and make this event.
    17. jeepinmatt
      There will be trophies all the way back to 10th place?:flipoff2:
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    18. jaybird1ton
      We had one scheduled but typically not enough entries so we did away with that class but If we have enough we could run you guys through the course. The crowd would love it!!
    19. superpile
      Tread way should chime in, I can put on a show...
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    20. treeman30
      I was just wanting to see how big it was so I could make room on my mantle! Chalk me up one for the big tire class
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    21. M&M Offroad
      M&M Offroad
      Going to need a pretty good mantle for this one.. theflatstrophy1.jpeg
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    22. karatejosh
      That's pretty bad ass I might have to give that a shot
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    23. treeman30
      Heck yea that's awesome! It will defimetly be worth running the ole buggy a little harder for lol.
    24. jaybird1ton
      I'm gonna beat on mine like a red headed step child! Everyone better look out[emoji13] I want that trophy!!! Thanks PJ!
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