How many of yall chew?


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Jul 18, 2008
Granite Quarry
Started on Cope long cut...then got broke and went to grizzly. Went back to cope long cut, got sick of them only filling the tin half way. I've tried the different Skoal flavors and used to mix it with my Cope. For the last couple years, I go through a tin and a half a day of Cope Wintergreen.

Geez 7 years later and to think of all that money literally spit out. Quit for a while, then did what addicts do, found a reason to justify why I needed just a tin. Picked up cope wintergreen pouches...because pouches are for Bishes, so must be healthier...logic tracks, right? And over the last 5 years or so, been as high as 2 tins a day and as low as quitting for a weeks/months at a time.


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Nov 4, 2007
New Bern
I've been quit for years now and I miss doing it, but don't miss the taste at all.


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Apr 5, 2008
Kings Mountain
Dipped for 23 years. Quit cold turkey the day I got home from Iraq. That lasted 3 years. Just kinda quit at the beginning of this year. Switched to Velo. Still a tobacco product, but don’t have to spit. Can’t see myself going back to regular dip now.


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Aug 15, 2009
Y’all bunch of quitters.

stokers is some good chit. Most Moist of them all
Yep. I like to go into little corner tobacco shops and stock up on promotional pouches of off-brands for when I'm broke. This is the first I've tried the Red Supreme, and honestly it puts Levi and Beech to shame. I'll have to grab some more. $1.99 a pouch is hard to beat.

Normally I just dip Cope mint or wintergreen, or just Grizzly.


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Mar 21, 2005
Stokes Co. NC
Redman or Copenhagen with a plug of Black Maria thrown in when feelin' extra manly.
Anything else is fer wimminfolk and childerns.

I quit right before I got married 33 years ago ..... still miss it!

Funny, but I notice no one here does real snuff like Scotch or Tube Rose. Now THAT is nasty!

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Mar 31, 2005
Fort Mill
Had a Co worker that chewed Redman, for 40 yrs, Dentist told him he had worn off all the enamel and would have to quit, NOPE got another 40 yrs on the other side Doc.

My Dad dipped Skoal ever since I can remember. Would never spit around my mom, he would chew all day long in the house and never spit :eek: . I dipped for a few maybe 1.5 years in my early 20s when I worked third shift to keep me awake during the 1hr drive home but quit.

I bought his '96 GMC Sierra manual, truck smelled like skoal till I sold it. :) Man I loved that truck 5 speed,:driver: bench seat Still had the car phone mounted to the floor from the 80's truck he had before that one, it was very nostalgic when I drove it. Too bad it was a northern truck and had too much cancer. Fortunately still have my dad around right now.


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Feb 4, 2009
Up yonner in Pennsyltucky
I dipped Cope straight and/or long cut many moons ago (20 years ago I started). Never could get the hang of snuff, always made a nasty mess of it when I tried. Got deployed, Cope was hard to come by that wasn't as dry enough to roll and smoke, so I started smoking the hadji brands that were 50 cents per pack....thought that shit was gonna kill me if Johnny Ahab didn't. Asked my dad to send me some Backwoods cigars, so he mailed me like 6 pouches. That got me through a bit.

Also chewed Red Man and Levi Garrett on and off for a few years mixed in there. Always went back to Cope straight though. Finally quit it in March this year when China infected the world with their plague. If I ever catch a whiff of it when I'm outside though.... oh muh dayum does my mouth start watering...


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Oct 2, 2015
Dipped Copenhagen long cut cardboard can off and on for 20 years, now smoke a pack of camel reds a day, maybe an occasional Cigar