I need help.......

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Mar 16, 2005
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....with providing the best possible info available.

When posting, be as specific as possible, be descriptive, offer as much info as you know.

YEAR,Make and Model, what engine, transmission, transfer case, knowledge of this will help greatly.

Asking " How do I get the line of my clutch thing? " isn't likely to get much if any response, there is no info, nobody knows what you are working on.

"I have an '85 Toy 4Runner, I'm trying to replace the clutch master cyl. Can't seem to get the nut holding the line to come out, how to remove? "

A question like this will likely get you the answer you are looking for.

Just because the vehicle you are working on is listed in your sig. line, don't assume we know that is the vehicle you are working with. Many of the folks here work on all sorts of vehicles, sometimes all at once.

Think about the results you want, then post.

Not open for further replies.