It's THAT time!!! (The Official 12 Days Entry Thread) 2014

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Mar 19, 2005
This will be the FIFTH annual 12 Days of NC4x4 giveaway! As always, we appreciate our members and vendors and want to give something back for your support and for making the board the great place that it is.

This is the entry thread for the 12 Days of NC4x4.

Starting on Saturday, December 13, at approximately 9pm, and continuing each day until Christmas Eve, we'll pick one entry from this thread as the day's winner. We'll announce the winner and the prize in a separate thread.

We're not going to do it quite like the song, but each day's prize will be bigger and better than what came before.

I'd like to remind everyone that our supporting Vendors are instrumental in pulling this off. If you're shopping for 4x4-related gifts or making your wish list, be sure to consider shopping with our amazing vendors!

The Rules:

1. Post once in this thread to enter.

2. You must have been a member for at least 30 days to qualify. If you haven't been here for 30 days, you can still qualify by becoming an "orange blaze" or Vendor member.

3. You can only win once. If you win on day two, you're out for the remaining days.

Good luck to everybody, and thanks for a great year!
Count me in! What did I win?
In on page one!
Count me in please!

After my house flooded and destroyed my entire downstairs, I could use a run of good luck.. even if the run is only 1 item long.
I like bacon. My goal in life is to get my wife to like bacon.

Dear NC4x4,
Please help my dream become a reality with your wonderful bacon prizes.

Yours Truly,

Bacon Lover Jr.
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