Load range c tires on 3/4 ton


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Apr 10, 2014
julian nc
So long story short, I got a great deal on a set of 3rd gen dodge wheels with BFG KO2 315/70/17 that look great. Since they were on 8 lug wheels already I didn’t think to check what load range they were before buying them. Well turns out they are load range c. Being that they are only rated for 1,760 lbs each and my truck(01 Ram 2500 Cummins) has a gvw of 8,800 lbs I am worried to run them. I never haul very heavy mostly just pull my 18ft car trailer a couple times a month. Just wondering what y’all would do. Thanks in advance


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Apr 17, 2005
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I tried some c load range tire on the front of my F350 and got about 500 miles out of em before I blew one on the int in Sc.Made it on to FL w my spare and bought two new ones( E load range) for the front the next day.I don't recommend em on a diesel truck.


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Sep 24, 2008
I was nervous when I bought my 2500 and saw it had D range tires on it. I don't think I would mess with C at all. I wonder if those are the tires that come on JLs and someone got them for a good price from a take off. Maybe you could sell them for a profit if you got a good deal.


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Oct 2, 2015
I wouldn’t do it even if they work they probably want last long at all on your truck, but hey I have d rated tires on my 250 and pull a car hauler several times a month, up to you


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May 18, 2005
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You are most definitely going to die, and take out a bus full of nuns with you in the process.

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Mar 10, 2005
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I was nervous when I bought my 2500 and saw it had D range tires on it.

@Tater had a set of BFG A-Ts that were "Load Range D" and had a higher per tire capacity than most other "Load Range E" tires...

A funny... years ago after Chevy went to 16" rims (IFS & crappy priming of galvanized body), our Dad bought a set of LR E tires for his 1/2-ton '87 K1500... RODE_LIKE_ASS!
Would *NOT* hear of dropping the pressure down from their labeled 80#... finally sold them and bought a set of squishy LR C's @ 35# :D

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Dec 23, 2006
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Ok y’all pretty much confirmed what I was already thinking. Anybody need some ko2’s???

yea, message me. maybe we can work a deal..


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Jan 27, 2006
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I use standard load “B” and load range E on my 2500 Suburban. I would not haul or tow more than 1000 lbs with load range C tires


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Aug 10, 2008
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Had 33” ko2 on a 1500 burb and they wore out in less than a year if that with less than 20k miles on em I bet and they blew donkeys on mud aired up... was probably 15-20% tread left after 18-20k Miles! My cooper st maxx I have on 2500 burb now have already hit 39k Mikes and still half tread or Lil under!