LSD D35 woes


Here for the memes
May 3, 2005
Yeah yeah shitty axle. It's the right gear ratio for my daughters jeep. Ok so I'm swapping axles in the purple TJ following the wreck. Like an idiot I opened it up and couldn't figure out why each wheel wasnt spinning freely from another. This was before I knew it was a limited slip. I pulled the cross pin and finally worked the spiders out and "hey look, clutches!"

TLDR, I cant get the damn thrust washers on the spiders to rotate back in. Shits all too tight in there. Is there a trick I'm missing or should I say f-it and throw in open spiders? Can I even do that?
Open spiders won't fit in a LSD carrier.
You'll need to place the spiders in the opening, have someone spin the shafts to walk them in. It'll take some ass to spin them in.
I usually put the carrier in a vise to do it, BTW.
It's gonna be a PITA, just be prepared
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I can walk the spiders in. The thrust washers on them spit out as the spiders rotate around though.
Guess I'm screwed then. I dont have readily available persons with ass. I'll take another crack at it but may throw in the towel and start cleaning the much shitter 4.10 axle I have for the back. I šŸ˜ mismatched gearsets.
Change of plans. I'm going to use the housing with 4.10s in the rear. That's what I really wanted anyways. Have a bent 30 with 4.10s in it also. Who in the clt area would be willing to set the used gears into the 30 in the jeep already?