Retaining wall


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Mar 13, 2005
Raleigh, NC
Okay. I found a place around here that wants 100 bucks a block. Just curious if that was a good price or not. The regular concrete barrier blocks are going for 60 bucks each.
Depends on how big they are. IIRC, Keystone style block walls are about $5/sf of wall area (not counting 57, ABC, etc)

rodney eppes

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Feb 3, 2010
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Might want to call "Harley", & see if he'll advise you or take a look at it. He puts in Pools & Walls. Live in Lucia. He's a Jeep man too, but don't think he ever joined any groups. Tell him a guy from Casey Jones recommended him. 704-974-1220.


Apr 6, 2005
Siteone’s advise was exactly what I paid for it. “Yeah call someone.”
Hah, generally they are pretty helpful and If you want a high end looking wall that's where to go. Again, maybe I'm visualizing this wrong but the wall you're talking about as long as you build it even half way correct will be no problem, that is honestly a small wall. The only hard part is getting the base and first course right, put washed stone and drain tile behind it and follow mfr directions on laying the blocks and it will be there forever, just don't put fabric behind it.
The "barrier blocks" "bin Blocks" whatever you want to call them 2x2x6 3800lb concrete blocks are a lot more forgiving of sloppy install, only going two high you can pretty much just throw them in place with a large excavator and no subgrade prep and have no issue.