So you wanna post some photos, eh?

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Mar 17, 2005
Charlotte, NC
You got yerself a snazzy new digicam & now you just gotta show off your rig, trip, new puppy, busted tranny, or whatever.

Great! We've got this photo section just for that. Here are a few pointers, though, to help your pic posting be fulfilling for all of us, but first -- a word of advice.

Don't post pics of consumtion of big boy beverage while wheeling... OR any other activity that could be considered illegal, dangerous, threatening, moronic, reckless, or otherwise freaked up. People on this board need to realize that their posts are published for public view, and we all need to act as "ambassadors of a threatened sport". No need to provide ammo to our opposition... ya hear?

So now here are a couple ideas to keep in mind when posting pics on

1 - Size MATTERS.
We're on the internet here, so you don't need to upload the highest megapixel behemoth images your camera can capture. A good rule of thumb is make your web ready images no bigger than 750 pixels wide at a resolution of 72 dpi. This is a pretty standard size that most monitors (including laptops) can handle without needing those annoying scrollbars. Also, the smaller size will show up nicely on a computer, but not take 25 minutes to download if you happen to be stuck with a dialup connection... ahem... Kevin.

If you have any type of image editing software (Photoshop, Paint, PS Elements, etc.) on your computer, you can edit its size properties using a crop tool, or by typing in the dimensions. Most digicams and scanners come with some type of image editing software.

If you just can't figure it out, email me, and I'll be glad to help.

2 - Stay on target.
We'd like to keep TECH in TECH, and CHITCHAT in CHITCHAT. Keep that in mind with your pic posting. If you're showing off a project or trip or girlfriend with pics... do so in the photo area. If you need to post some pics for a tech discussion or problem, then feel free to post that in the appropriate tech forum. Be respectful of our dial up and laptop users, and remember rule number one above.

Helpful Hints:
If you have a great shot of your rig surrounded by bikini models on spring break, and you've just GOT to post it for all to see... Here's how to make sure it shows up in your post, and we won't be bothered with having to click a link. When you are typing your message--which I'm sure will be some nice description of the "action" in the photo--and you get to the point you want the photo to show up, click the "insert image" button
(under the Font, Size, Color boxes). When the box pops up that says "Enter the text to be formatted", type or paste the website address of your photo into that space. Refer to rule number one above. ;)

Let's say your pic isn't already "on the internet", but it IS on your computer. The above method of picposting won't work for you, so here's how ya go...

After you've made your $5.50 donation to the website fund you will be able to attach images to your messages.

Under "Additional Options" below the box you are typing your captivating message in which you are discussing the bikini models who were so interested in your monster rig as you were driving up and down the beach on spring break, you'll notice the "Manage Attachments" button.

Click that and you will be able to browse the directories of your computer. You'll have to locate the file you want to upload, double clickaroo, and then click the "Upload" button. You can attach up to THREE photos in one message. Refer to rule number one above ;)

We'll be adding to this as we go, so check back for more helpful hints.
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