Stolen Jeep

By TJody on Dec 23, 2019 at 11:40 AM
  1. TJody

    TJody Active Member

    Dec 27, 2012
    Need help locating stolen jeep
    04 Silver Rubicon stolen between 1 and 7 am Monday Dec 23
    From apartments behind UT Hospital off Alcoa Highway Knoxville Tn
    Any Info Please contact ROB @ 1-865-216-1717
    Jeep Has New Rough country winch installed which is not in pics
    $ 2500.00 Reward Offered
    jeep side.jpg 04 Rubicon.jpg jeep rear.jpg
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    1. obullfish
      Uhm a tag number might help if they weren’t smart enough to remove it. Probably passed 7-8 of these today around Asheville.
    2. TJody
      5RO-3F8 Tennessee Tag Resized952019121895205109956626.jpg
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    3. Spacebat
      Shared on FB. Thieves Suck.
    4. 77GreenMachine
      Was there ever any luck recovering this Jeep?
    5. TJody
      Nope like it just vanished. Had it posted here and on the jeep forum . Lots of eyes out looking but nothing. Insurance paid out so guess it's gone for good.
    6. doc
    7. OutLander469
      Looks a lot like the one they got at the dealership on Rte. 64 just past Lowe's in Morganton. But they said that one's an 08. With 103000 miles on it. Hope you find it.
    8. Hisis1970
      I'm sorry that someone took this from you. It makes me want to install a tracker and hidden ignition switch in mine. Has it been recovered since this post?

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