Stuff for sale (Trailblazers get first dibs)

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    OK, so I know I'm supposed to post this stuff in the parts for sale section but I wanted to let CTB members have 1st dibs. We are selling our home of 25 years and this is the first stuff I've brought back to Durham with me to get rid of:

    1 31x10.50-15 BFG MT tire. New but so old it has dry rot cracking. A great spare when you blow your sidewall right before that big mud hole :) Best offer over $25

    1 245/75 R16 all terrain tire with good tread. Best Offer over $10

    If you need any samurai stuff let me know and I can see what I have.

    You'll have to pick the tires up over the next couple of weeks as I need space in the garage for more junk. Anything not claimed by next week will go on ebay and/or into the sale section.

    FYI, I hope to make it on some rides later this year as we are still in the process of relocating to NC.


    IMG_1081.JPG IMG_1080.JPG IMG_1082.JPG IMG_1083.JPG Has a new, never used, short shaft (SYE) kit installed.

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