The Official Necessary Trail Equipment List


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Nov 13, 2006
Asheville, NC
Here is the official thread that covers the tools, spare parts, and other equipment needed to take with you, either on the trail, or in your tow rig to the trail. If it's staying in your tow rig, make sure you lock it up. There's nothing worse than coming back to the truck to find somebody stole all your tie downs that you use to tie your rig to the trailer. It is broken into categories and as each of you posts an item to add to the list, I will edit the list to reflect that item.

NEVER Wheel Alone!

Must Have Equipment and Supplies
-Fire Extinguisher
-First Aid Kit
-Food and Water (For 24 Hours)
-Extra clothes (don't go in the woods wearing a t-shirt expecting your heat to keep you warm in the middle of January)
-Hi-Lift Jack
-Ratchet Straps/Bungee Cords
-Trash Bags
-Jumper Cables
-Air Tank/On Board Air
-Zip Ties
-Electrical and Duct Tape
-Tow Strap
-Snatch Block
-Tire Plug Kit
-12V Cell Phone Charger
-Floor Jack or Bottle Jack
-Jack Stand(s)
-PB Blaster/WD-40
Luxury Equipment and Supplies
-Electric Cooler
-Camp Stove
-Camping Chairs
-Gas Can

Must Have Tools
-Socket Set w/ Good Variety of Sizes and Drive Sizes
-Assorted Screwdrivers
-Pry Bar(s)
-Combination Wrenches
-Adjustable Wrenches
-Vise Grips
-4-way Lug Wrench
-Wire Crimpers/Strippers With Assorted Connectors
-Welding Rods (Somebody Chime In On The Correct Number)
-Allen Wrenches
-Front Wheel Bearing Socket
-Snap Ring Pliers
Luxury Tools
-Battery Powered Impact and Sawzall
-Gear Wrenches
Toyota Specific Tools
-54 mm Socket
Jeep Specific Tools
Chevy Tools
Ford Tools
Dodge Tools
Other Vehicles

Spare Parts
Must Have Parts
-Spare Tire and Wheel
-Spare Driveshaft(s)
-Spare Axle Shaft(s)
-Fan Belt(s)
-Lock Out Hub(s)
-Spark Plug Wires (At Least One or Two Long Enough to Fit Any Cylinder)
-U-Joint Straps/Bolt Kit
Toyota Parts
Jeep Parts
Chevy Parts
Ford Parts
Dodge Parts
Other Vehicles
wouldn't the welding rods go with the welder under luxury tools? unless there is another use I do not know of.

What about vise grips or C Clamps under tools?
you carry all of this on the trail!?!? most of this stuff makes it with us on trips...but 95% of it stays with the tow rigs...i would need a trailer to haul all this crap on the trails :flipoff2:

I do think these threads are good to have for people that are new to wheeling.

That being said...I always have at least one tarp with me too on trips.

and a FLOOR JACK (not a high lift) w/ at least one jackstand.

Dont forget the cooler and the camping chairs!
you carry all of this on the trail!?!? most of this stuff makes it with us on trips...but 95% of it stays with the tow rigs...i would need a trailer to haul all this crap on the trails :flipoff2:
A trailer? Come on now. This stuff will fit in two bags or boxes. One for tools and the other for other supplies. Minus the spare axles and other large parts. :beer:
I hear you cant take a stock wrangler up Daniel Joe is that true?
cutters/ knife

you have electrical tape listed, but should add electrical take a complete electrical kit, ie various crimp connectors and a few runs of wire.

A small bin full of random nuts/bolts can be helpful

Under parts, I like to add a U-joint strap or bolt kit, whatever fits your driveshaft

Fluids implies (to me) motor oil, gear oil, ATF, PS fluid, brake fuild, water/coolant. Don't forget the PBlaster, WD40, brake parts cleaner.

I've used both a hacksaw (must have) and battery powered sawzall (luxury) on the trail

I like to have a few scraps of 4x4 wood or 2x ~4-10
Snap rings pliers!!!!! If you have ever had to get that huge snap ring out that holds aftermarket drive flanges in you'll know what I'm talkin about.
Since this is a sticky then it needs to be able to be edited.

For example gas can is not a must have.

Food and water should be further explained as meals and drink for 24 hours. I can't remember all the times we go out and all people have is some light snacks and a 20oz drink. Then they start complaining later and want to go home early because they were not prepared.
For jeeps using the Dana 30 you'll want to have a 36mm socket and a 12 point 13mm socket for changing shafts.

Spare SS or even just stock brake lines come in handy too.
Jeep tools
Wrangler, Cherokee and Comanche
18mm/3/4" lug wrench
8 - 19mm wrenches and two 21mm wrenches.
36mm 1/2" drive socket and ratchet.
2" Ratchet strap to run framerail to framerail to support t-case and tranny if you have to remove the belly pan for repairs.
Hacksaw to cut end of tailpipe off after you smash it flat on a rock.

Jeep spare parts
Wrangler, Cherokee and Comanche
Front axle shafts. Its best to pick up inner and outer shafts with unit hubs all assembled to make trail fixes faster and easier.
Rear driveshaft u-joints.
A gallon or two of water to refill the radiator after all the coolant boils out.
Toyota Specific Tools
-54 mm Socket
Jeep Specific Tools
-T85 bit

Does any other jeep owners replace all those star pattern bolts that require the T85 socket? If so what do you use?
I'd say 1 5/16" socket for dana 44 guys so you can change a knuckle due to failed front ball joint on the trail. I carry a spare knuckle with me or at least a spare upper and lower dana 44 ball joint.

definitely a spare outer shaft with u-joint already installed and inner shafts if you have room. maybe a spare short brake line and some banjo bolts and specialty bolts like that (I carry some tupperware dishes with various nuts and bolts that are specific to my jeep(s))?!

Anybody carry a spare main leaf for leaf spring rigs and/or some spare u-bolts (again, under various nuts/bolts specific to your rig)?

I'm going to be hard mounting a small 4-drawer craftsman toolbox in my current jeep build to house all my tools. That tool list isn't that long. I think it's a good list! I'd add a few specialty tools...pick and hook set, small magnet, ball joint spanner socket (to loosen ball joint adjuster and dana 44/dana 60 spindle nut remover socket. Can't replace a 44 or 60 shaft without that. :) ooo. and don't forget a flashlight or two.

great sticky btw!
FORD TOOLS (i can fix almost anything on mine with the parts and these tools):
9lb sledge hammer
4lb mini-sledge
large monkey wrench
I was told few years ago by ole timer ontop of Black mtn that only two things ya needed while wheeling were HD duct tape and pb blaster.... Said if it moves and not suppose to tape it and if its not moving and its suppose to pb it... Then we sat for a moment both reached for a beer and he said ohhhh hellll i forgot three things ya need for wheeling "gotta have beer in case other two options fail" HAHA i got a kick out of it
things I can think of..
ratchets/sockets/wrenches/ impacts if your lucky.
ratchet straps/ rope/ snatch blocks/ pulley's.
cb/cell phone or gps phone for those who can afford one.
jack- bottle,high lift or floor.
tow straps- loggers rope works great so does ship yard rope( shits heavy though)
parts- what ever breaks the most.
battery cables- and some 7018 or 6010 it'll work in a pinch

food- you passed the store with a deli why didn't you stop. or bring something besides snack crap- some engines valve covers will cook a egg. hell get one of those camp stoves.

Gun- goes with food. remember that duck tape you have? find you a bottle that will fit over the barrel, tape that bitch on haven't seen anyone around for help ? go hunting don't waste the ammo. makes a ok lil silencer.

I prob carry more or less of these.
Not sure if I saw it but from experience
  • wire in assorted sizes
  • electrical connectors
  • wire crimper/ strippers
Toyota Parts
  • spare cv or birfields
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