TSLs, good enough like they are?


Knower of useless ZJ things
Sep 24, 2008
I am picking up a set of TSLs to replace the BFG KM2s that were on my TJ when I bought it. Are the TSLs good enough in stock form for the wheeling we do around here, or should I look into siping the center lugs or even removing some of the lugs? This TJ will see mixed on and off road, probably 70% offroad and 30% onroad (hello summer!). What are your thoughts?
I ran unmolested SX's and never had a problem. I would think for any amount of on road use you would want to keep all of the lug you can. Siping on the other hand would probably only help things both on and off road.
Tsls work good stock. But tsls work AWSOME with the center of the center lugs cut out about 1/2" wide. Dont cut the outers.
I would not run a heavily cut TSL on the road. The most I would do is cut the center lugs in half.
they don't drive great there loud and im sure they would ware fast on the road but I have driven mine around town and to 4wp 25 min each way at 55 mph and they do fine but I do have hydro assist
Going from km2's to tsls will be night and day anyway, leave them like they are or sipe them but don't go too crazy if it's a driver.