Upgrading the Harbor Freight blast cabinet


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Mar 31, 2005
Rural Retreat, VA
The big cabinet Harbor freight sells is a good product especially if you get it on sale. I think mine was $169 after using the coupon. If you have a cabinet you know there are some down falls to it though. The light sucks and the gun is marginal. There are plenty of youtube videos showing the different upgrades. I watched a bunch and took the best of each one and here is what I did to make mine more user friendly.
Here is what we are starting with:
On the table I have electrical stuff, light, and plumbing fittings I got from Home Depot. Next is the Skat Blast gun C35 I got from TP Tools. Next is the foot pedal SBC420 I got from Greg's Equipment. And on the end is a Cyclone powder dust collector I got from China via Ebay.
First thing to do was to separate the cabinet and remove the crappy light.
I built a box with a switch for the floodlight and a receptacle for the vacuum to plug into.
I then made a baffle to cover up the exhaust port and riveted it on. This should cut down on a lot of the media getting sucked out.
I then cut the screen down so I can get taller items into the cabinet.
The screen needed a little support so I took some 1/2" conduit and made a simple support.
Instead of using a pick up tube like the old set up that was always in the way. Im going to have the gun siphon media from the bottom and cut a hole in the side of the cabinet and used 5/8" hose. The grommet is from a valve cover.
I then pulled the media dump door from the bottom and drilled and bored a hole to fit the pipe fittings I bought.
I then took a 5 gallon bucket, some pvc fittings and the cyclone and got it fitted up.

Man does this thing kick butt now. I grabbed a rusty bolt and it worked great. If you have one of these cabinets I recommend the upgrades. It makes it much more user friendly.
I have the actual Skat version, but some of these could easily apply. I'm curious about how much money you have tied up in the mods. I'm going to look up the dust collector kit now! The old shop vacation isn't cutting it.
That's a good write up, I just got the industrial cabinet set up at my house. It came with the valve on the bottom ant the foot peddle assembly. I have about 450 in this set up.
what gun are you using? I've got a 21 cfm compressor but I'd like to downsize the gun some.