Vendor Rules and How to Gain Access

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Mar 11, 2005
Sanford, NC
For members with a 4×4-related business, a Vendor subscription is required to advertise products or services. Vendors are designated with a yellow “trail blaze” diamond.

To become a vendor, you will need to contact shawn or trailhugger by PM or email. Profile posts don't issue alerts and can be missed!

Submit your business license or some other information that can be verified. Once that's checked, the vendor subscription paypal option ($50/yr) will be made available to your account.

Please be respectful of other vendors and use some common sense. No “call me, we can help” in tech. If you have info that will assist, post it, do not troll for business in the tech sections. We want our vendors to be active in the forum and help when they can. Most of the people here are the “do it yourselves” type of people. The best way to get your business recognized is posting and helping people. They will remember that.

No PM box spamming.

NC4x4 reserves the right to revoke vendor's status.
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