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Dec 20, 2018
Lillington N.C.
This here is my baby Shaquiqui, she’s a 1994 Toyota pickup. Semi new 22RE (about 40k miles on it). She’s got a new 5 speed transmission ( as new as the engine). She has a custom bed fabricated on Fort Bragg and LineX lined in Fayetteville. She sits on 31” and still has IFS. Brand new differential as I sheared a couple teeth driving as a teenager will. Just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas or suggestions as to what I should do to her next. I need to keep it street legal as it is my daily driver.

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First suggestion: take your hind end out of future picks. :D

BTW welcome! You got a good platform to build. Plenty of really good folks on here to help with tech and build stuff. Check out some sub forums and use the search function.

Even digging up old threads is cool to relearn or refresh what's gone on in here for several years.

And don't take my comment to seriously or maybe do.......see the heckling thread for plenty of board agreed.....don't do's.
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