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    Welcome to our new NOAS forum. It’s been a few years since we have had one of these!! Most of you will remember our old one that was on our website. Well things slowed and we went to Facebook but as times change it seemed like we should have a forum again.

    Nc4x4 seemed like the perfect match. So many of us were already here with the great tech and classifieds. So now having a place we can get our own tech going again without searching all through Facebook lol. Also this will be all inclusive and we can include our members who are not on Facebook!

    We have to say a huge shout out to @shawn and @trailhugger for hosting us here. They do a lot of stuff keeping this forum going and have really built an amazing space for all of us to enjoy throughout the southeast. They are so generous with there time keeping this going. Reminder if you want to support them with this site for $5 a year you can be a supporter. You will get a cool little orange diamond by your name. You will have access to a few cool parts of the forum for supporters only. Also they do a great contest for supporters at the end of each year!!

    So come on in and join in in the fun. Even though Nissan is in our name as you see around here we have most makes in our club. So welcome back and hope to talk with you soon!
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