We're Back


Mar 11, 2005
Sanford, NC
I would like to thank our admin team for a great job, without them, this board would not be possible. They've had great ideas, and worked to make this happen. The admin team are, myself, Mikey, taznumber1, Hobie, saf-t-scissors, and Caver Dave. Please give them a big thank you.

Also a big thank you to our Moderator team. They have been testing the board for the past week and submitting great ideas. They are as follows; Yager, NC_Mog, Blkvoodoo, amcjeepman, Bruiser, CRK, Hardtaco, Kilby, Rich, SHINTON, thecarman, and trailhugger. Pleae give them your thanks, and cooperation. They are the ones that will make this board work.

There are some things that have changed, for the best we hope, again we are open to suggestions. Please bear with any problems that arise and remember, most of us have full time jobs also and our own rigs to work on.
Woohoo! Great job to the admin geeks. ;) Glad things are back up and running and hope everyone has fun.
good to see the site back!..... gave me a chance to change my user name to what it is on most other boards too..lol......used to be bspencer on here and still is on pirate
Glad to see this board is back up and running! It took me awhile to realize that I had to reregister. Not a problem, but I thought the usernames would be imported. I missed this forum!
Glad to see the board's back up and running.

VBulletin... nice platform to choose. I know it wasn't cheap, my thanks go out to the guys that bought it!
Definitely glad to see this site back. Good work guys.
Thanks, Admins, and Mods, greaat to see the site back up and going. :cool:
^ what he said. also why did we switch formats and loose all the old stuff?
Glad to see the site back. I use to check out the site everyday before it was closed. Really glad to see it back up and run. thanks adim. and mods.
Read the sticky's, read the rules, you'll understand all.

We lost the old board due to the fact that it was a pain to transfer it all, a lot of useless stuff among the good stuff.

That was a hard decision, but this way we have a fresh start.
Good job guys! I am also glad to have the board back... :) Gives me another place to check out while I'm at home....lol :driver:
Procrastinating just wasn't as easy without NC4x4. Glad to see it back, and I like the new software.
YEP, your back, thanks to all who is still here and working hard to keep this forum up and running.
Puma297 said:
Did losing the old board include trashing all of the posts? or was it archived somewhere? there was some good tech in there!

They are archieved but they are not available to view yeat.