what beer are you drinking?

I'm jelly. Dont see too much Cold Mountain down here.
Don’t see Scotch Ales in Food Lion around here too often.

It’s good!
Bring your butt up Saturday. They are having a German festival this weekend.

Also: in keeping with the thread: Modelo Especial. (But it’s gone 🥺)View attachment 386961
Make it Sunday! I can't make it on Saturday...

And to keep with the thread, I'm drinking coffee right now. It's 7:30am. I'm not a complete heathen.. But I did have a couple of those Dirtbags last night 🍻
Bones Coffee here this am. Wish I could come up Saturday but the MIL is in the Hospital and I'm on dog duty.
Saw this for the first time before turkey day and past it cause it was about $15 for a 4 pack...
Then a saw nice lady @ the food lion that had the last 3 packs in her cart last week and asked her if was good and she said it's great........last night I found it on sale and bought a pack for $9.97


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So there is a new brewery in Columbia. Peak Drift They only can and don’t have a tasting room is what I’m told. I like this Dark Ale. Next up is a Red IPA.


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@ghost - tell me more about that Blue North.
Blueberry Wheat. Actually quite good. One thing I love about Zac, the brewer at Wild Heart, is he brews middle of the road. Stuff isn't too overbearing. I believe he has a beer for everyone. Food is pretty damn good too. You get this way check them out and let me know. I Might can meet you there. lol!
Ive had it a few weeks and slowly making my way through a couple 6-packs. Meh. It could be better, especially if you are a Cheerwine fan.

Certainly better than Miller, Coors, or Bud Lite, but it could be better.
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My wife grabbed some the other day. I wouldn’t mind a little more Cheerwine flavor, but It’s definitely in there, and I really wasn’t disappointed. A fridge pack of Cheerwine sure is a lot cheaper though.

Not drinking it because I'm sure I wouldn't like it. But thought it was worth posting. May be at your local Harris Teeter.