what truck should i go with???


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Jul 31, 2006
Wallburg, NC
End of this year starting my search for a tow rig, kinda leaning towards a dodge, im just wandering what you all have an opinion on for year models and 12valve, or ctd or 24 valve, cheapest to upgrade outta the 3 and so on will help me decide, and thanks.
A 96-98.4 12v with a 5spd is going to be your best bet for a cheap, reliable tow rig thats easy to make a little more power out of. Expect to upgrade an automatic if you do get one... its really luck of the draw with used trucks.

Personally I would stay away from the 24vs due to the VP44.

Good luck on your search!
Go with what you can afford, that is what I've always done and I love my 02 dodge. The VP44 isn't an issue if you buy a good liftpump upgrade like a airdog or FASS system, the common rail dodges need upgraded fuel systems to. If you go with a 24v truck with an auto plan on a TC and VB upgrade if your looking for full potential, if you plan on racing or sled pulling look into a full tilt built tranny. I like the 24v cause it is affordable for most, easy to find parts for, plan on sinking 3 grand into one with an auto to get 300-350 on the ground and it hold together:filter,exhaust,chip,fuel system,injectors,TC and VB. Don't forget guages if you don't get a monitor with your chip.
...or you can just buy a '99-02 Ford Super Duty 7.3L and start pulling!

Yea, I would stay away from the 6.0. My friend has a 99 4wd crew cab auto with 394K. The only thing he has had to replace is a water pump and alternator. He drives it loaded with tools all the time.
I have a 02 Duramax and it pulls like hell. 70 plus through the mountains loaded with no issues. Wouldnt trade it for anything.
the way its going right now i would get a 4cyl s10 or ranger fuel prices are rediculous.
I've got a duramax and i love it pulls anything it can hook to.