Where to go wheeling - THE complete list of Legal Wheeling places...


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Mar 17, 2005
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Ok, gang lets compile a list of LEGAL wheeling place. I will update this top post and when the list is complete it will get turned into a sticky and possibly included with the new member sign up.. (good idea btw)
Also, thanks to the long time members that continually help keep the newbies on track with this frequent topic.
What I would like to see is factual information about the various locations. Links to official sites, links to maps, links to Camping/accommodations. GPS cords. Clear/concise directions you have personally used.
Again this will get compiled into a big list as the info is provided...
The list of legal wheeling locations:

Up to date list can be found here:
Where to Go Wheeling

Travel Time Correction Factor
WIP Work In Progress.... Please contribute info.

Ok guys I see many posting travel times. I'd like to expand the info we have and get some rough average travel times from MAJOR cities.

Please use larger/major cities.

Raleigh, Greensboro, Charolotte, Greenville, Fayetteville etc...

NOT from your BFE podunk town to Tellico..
NOT that one time you set a land speed record.
NOT that one time you had 8 trucks/trailers and got stuck in traffic for 12 hours..

What you feel is a reasonable time driving the speed limits while towing a trailer... IMHO the mapquest type travel times are good estimates but don't factor in the delays from towing or other local factors. Maybe we can come up with a correction factor to be used with the mapquest type times...

My Example using the Raleigh --> Murphy mapquest time of 6hr20min.. (380min) I always figure 7 hrs (420min) of drive time. This mainly factors in running slower in the hills (up and down) and slower acceleration than a car etc..

So 420/380 = 1.105 correction factor ?? ---) I'm curious to see if this number holds for other peoples trips..

Rich adds - And, more frequent stopping for fuel, more time checking the tie-downs, etc, and you're screwed if you get that slow-ass diesel pump at the FlyinJ in Haw River on the RV pumps... and... Your correction factor seems to line up with my travel times..

Anyone else tested/verified the correction factor?
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Oct 19, 2005
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Just a couple bits of info, ill get more to make it more complete....

1st: the best places to wheel on the outer banks, ocracoke island and hatteras village beach access, oregon inlet access, and north of corolla, is corova beach, has driveable dunes, unlike anywhere in Cape Hatteras National Seashore, where the dunes are prohibited and all vehicles have to be registered and liscensed.

2nd: Wellsville, OH ive been there once, traveling from Pittsburgh to there, its a haul from NC, but great wheeling if you are up that way, its about an hour west of Pittsburgh, just accross the PA/OH border. Ill get more info soon.

3rd: Croatan National Forest, i dont have any info, but ive talked to guys on NC4x4 about it before.


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Mar 28, 2007
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I made this map for myself but I thought it might fit well in this thread.


I wonder if there is a way to make a map like this that is publicly editable so everyone could add more side trails to it?

Go to maps.google.com
Login: nc4x4.com
Pass: trailmap
Click "my maps" tab at the top and add all you want. I added a few side places I used to hit back around Morganton. If you forget the password in the future the "forgot password question" will tell it to you.

I tried to link it to an easy address but the address changes everytime the map is added to. I'll work on it.


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Jul 1, 2006
the best places to wheel on the outer banks, ocracoke island and hatteras village beach access, oregon inlet access, and north of corolla, is corova beach, has driveable dunes, unlike anywhere in Cape Hatteras National Seashore, where the dunes are prohibited and all vehicles have to be registered and liscensed.

Im not sure theres anywhere on the Outer Banks where you can drive on the protected dunes, certainly not on Cape Hatteras. Theres no beaching driving permit needed on CHNS but you do have to have registered vehicles, although I have seen 4 wheelers and horses out there before.


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Sep 18, 2007
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you should ad that carolina beach costs $40 a year or $10 a day, just like fort fisher, although carolina beach is open year round 24/7 and you can camp out there, make fires and fish.


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Jul 9, 2005
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Why? Is it illegal?

If it's what I'm thinking about it's private and invite only. My club went there this past year and fear it will be lost soon. Anyway, it's right next to Tellico and leads into Robbinsville on the NC side. I believe the town is located on 129 off of 64. Actually I know it is but the numbers might be wrong.


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Feb 3, 2008

Directions from I-24 and Hwy.55 Take hwy.55 toward Mcminnville 11.5mi.turn right onto hwy.287 at the Morrison light go 4.9 mi.turn left on to hwy.108 go 3.2 mi.turn right on to Mt.Zion rd.go 1.2 mi.turn left on to Thaxton rd. the address is 505 Thaxton rd. Mcminnville Tn.37110. http://community.webshots.com/user/zukezilla http://bb.tennesseeoffroad.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=20&t=000553#000014
$10 a rig with driver,$5 per person and free camping.Part stores and lodging within 20 min. of McMinnville and Manchester.We have some parts and a portable welder on site.


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Sep 3, 2007
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TTCF (travel time correction factor)

"So 420/380 = 1.105 correction factor ?? ---) I'm curious to see if this number holds for other peoples trips.."

Mapquest says 3 hours 43 minutes (223 minutes) driving time from Summerville, SC (Charleston) to Troy, NC (URE). It usually takes me just a hair over 4 hours.

223*1.105=246.415=4 hours 6.5 minutes, which is pretty close.


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Oct 21, 2008
lexington mud pit

We have 15 acres of open land with 2 300' by 45' mud pits, originally built to test and tune our 2 pro mud boggers. We are located off of business 85 in lexington N.C. at commercial blvd.
We are open SUNDAY only from 12:30 until-. We have wash off and concessions. Entry is $5.00 per 16y/o and older males, women and children free.There are plenty of holes around the land to get dirty in. ATV'S welcome.


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Oct 26, 2008
I am the SFWDA website admin. I am trying to maintain a definitive list of everywhere in the SE USA to go wheeling. Do yall mind me scouring all this info and adding it to the existing list on the SFWDA Site? The list is linked off the main link directory on the lefthand side of the site, down at the bottom - "are you wondering where to go wheelin?"
Here's what I got so far:
Grayrock, near Gardendale, Al http://www.grayrockorv.com/
Morris Mountain, near Anniston, Al http://www.morrismountainorv.com/
Wilborne Offroad, near Hanceville, Al http://www.myspace.com/wilbornoutdoors
Mountainside Offroad Park, Gadsden, Al http://www.mountainsideoffroadpark.com/
Stoney Lonesome ORV Park, Cullman, Al http://www.co.cullman.al.us/orv_info.html (set to open Oct 15, 2008)
Arkansas (Well, its kinda in the southeast....)
Superlift ORV Park near Hot Springs, Ar, http://www.orvpark.com/
River Rock ORV Area, near Milledgeville, Ga http://www.riverrockorv.com/
Beasley Knob near Blairsville, Ga, http://www.fs.fed.us/conf/rec/ohv/beasley.shtml
Anderson Creek OHV Area, near Amicalola Falls State Park, http://www.sfwda.org/trails/andersoncreek/index.html - Temporarily closed by the Forest Service in 2003. Permanent closure is expected any day.
Rich Mountain Road, near Ellijay, Ga, http://www.sfwda.org/trails/richmountain/index.html - This trail has been closed by the Forest Service since 2004. (see a pattern here?)
Harlan, Kentucky, http://www.harlancountytrails.com/
Lockport, Kentucky, http://www.hillznhollarz.com/
Catahoula Recreation, near Sicily Island, LA, http://www.dirtbikeatvrecreation.com
Barnyard Boggers, Fulton, Mississippi, http://www.barnyardmudboggers.com/
North Carolina
Uwharrie ORV Area, near Troy, NC, http://www.nagca.com/grandtrails/Uwharrieohvarea.htm
Tellico ORV Area, between Murphy NC and Tellico Plains, Tn, http://www.sfwda.org/trails/tellico/index.html
South Carolina
Gulches Off Road Vehicle Park, Laurens County, SC, http://www.gulchesorvpark.com/
Brimstone Recreation Area, Huntsville, Scott County, Tennessee, http://www.brimstonerecreation.com/
Callalantee Mountain City, TN, http://www.cnc4x4.org/trails/callalantee_tr.htm
Wooley's Offroad, near Lewisburg, Tn, http://www.woolysoffroad.com/
Wheelin in the Country (Also often called "Summertown") near Lawrenceburg, Tn, http://www.wheelininthecountry.com/
Mayhem Offroad Park, near Viola, Tn (no website yet, contact zukezilla@yahoo.com for info)
Coal Creek OHV Area (also known as Windrock) near Oliver Springs, Tn, http://www.coalcreekohv.com/
Turkey Bay OHV area at Land Between the Lakes, http://www.lbl.org/OHVTrails.html
143 Offroad, Hurricane Mills, Tn, http://143offroad.com (appears to be closed at the moment...)
Coon Creek ORV Park, Dyersburg, Tn, http://www.ccorv.com/
Golden Mountain OHV Park, Sparta TN http://www.goldenmountainohvpark.com/

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Is it possibly time to remove tellico from the legal wheeling spots :(