Which truck with max 15k budget


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Apr 13, 2009
I'm looking for a new to me truck. I've always driven Chevy's but don't mind change.

(Chevy) 5.3 Silverado
I've had quite a few these. Never had serious trouble. Usually just alternator/water pump small stuff. The only thing I can say is with a 15k budget I can look at the 2007+ gen of the Chevy and they seems to be thinner metal and kinda cheap looking on the inside compared.to the F150 I drove.
(F150)5.0 or 3.5 eco maybe?
I drove a 2011 F150 with the 5.0 coyote recently and man....that thing rode nice. I took it off the highway across a couple of pretty bad ruts and not a noise or jolt. If all Fords ride that smooth It's a strong candidate. The power was also impressive with the coyote.
I'm mostly concerned with reliability. I love the tundra for its track record. My main concern with them is I see quite a few with serious and hard to diagnose transmission problems.
(Dodge) Hemi
I don't know much about them except I believe the rumor is they have a great motor and a weak expensive transmission. It seems.people love or hate them. My buddy said if I get a Dodge I can't park at his house.lol

Basically looking at the 1/2 ton trucks with 4x4 and the standard V8. As mentioned my budget is up to 15k. I don't have to have the newest thing. If the consensus is to get an oldie but goodie that's fine.
Thanks for any opinions.
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If you can swing a F150 with the 5.0 and 10 speed, you won’t be disappointed. I had an 2018 and loved it. Before I bought it, I test drove a Tundra. Huge difference in comfort, which is what made me go F150.
Gotta say, our Yukon XL Denali with the 6.2L has been pretty good to us so far. It's an 07 and is great for pulling (tractors, hay, vehicles, ect) and rides fantastic. Only real issue has been a trans issue with an overpressure solenoid.
If you can swing a F150 with the 5.0 and 10 speed, you won’t be disappointed. I had an 2018 and loved it. Before I bought it, I test drove a Tundra. Huge difference in comfort, which is what made me go F150.
Yep, the one I drove had noticeably comfortable seats. It felt like a couch. I also hate when my left arm can't find a comfortable spot to be. With the f150 it had a nice lower shelf along with that wide flat spot by the glass.
So far I like the F150 comfort but am leaning towards the 5.0. I hear the 3.5 is more reliable in the 2015+ generation. Just out of my 15k range.
Some will say just stretch my budget but already did from 10k. Turns.out 10k gets a high mileage 2000-2008 truck.
If I had to get a half ton gas truck, I'd probably get an F150. I am 100% NOT a Ford guy either. 5.0 with a 6 speed. 10 speeds...meh. I've seen a handful of converter replacements, but mostly those damn lead frames going out.

My uncle had a 2011. Just did your normal servicing, some spark plugs, a couple of transmission services, a set of brakes, and an oil pressure sending unit. It gave him a solid 235,000 miles.

Edit: He sold it and got a 2019 F150. The guy is still driving his old one. It has over 300k on it now.

If I didn't do that, I'd snag a Silverado/Sierra just because they're cheap, plentiful, and easy to work on.
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My dad has a 2011 F150 XLT 4x4 crewcab 5.0 v8, 6.5ft bed, 36 or 38 gallon tank (whatever the big one is), ~135k miles, and he’s thinking about selling it. I think it would be around your price range or maybe a hair above. 2nd owner (first was his brother). No accidents, but a few dents/tweaks in the rear bumper from various contact sports through the years.
Hard to find in your price range, but... I'd disagree on the Tundra reliability.
Ive got 310,000 on my '15 and other than a water pump a couple batteries and 1 set of brake pads..oh and 3 turn signal bulbs its been problem free.
Spend like $12k on the 4x4 van making it bulletproof and the other $3k painting a sweet mural on the side.
Yeah right.lol
I've taken a break from the van. It's running great but now can't get it into gear. I've disconnected the shift linkage and trans shifts manually. I've removed the steering wheel,changed ignition etc. and no luck. I think now I need a column or list on MP.
Another vote for F150
My 2011 3.5 crew has been exceptionally reliable , comfortable and alot of Powa