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The NC4x4 2020 won Upgrade Thread

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We upgraded NC4x4 to the newest version of the forum software on the morning of 1/2/21. This has been a massive undertaking, and there are likely still a few things that don't work. I'll keep a running tally here at the top of the thread, so please reply to this thread with any issues you come across.

Upgrade Improvements:
1. The maximum photo size has been increased. This should fix issues that folks with newer phones were having with posting photos.
2. "Media"/video links now include a lot more options. I'm working on adding more.
3. There is a small flag at the top right of each post that allows you to bookmark the post. Bookmarks are saved in the forum, not in your browser.

Upgrade Issues:

TapatalkDue to issues with Hong Kong / China obscenity laws and some other issues, this one may not return.Pending
Club User GroupsThis is a custom add-on that we commissioned in...

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