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@tobaccoroad4wd And his wife were an absolute RIOT. I mean..had us in STITCHES.

@Mrxdieselx and his wife are awesome folks as well. Purtiest little girl I've seen in a LONG time

Both couples make EXCELLENT additions to the club.

@UTfball68 (weezyFoSheezy) and Dave from Oliver's were a blast to hang out with and also make for great new additions to our antics.

Dave, Weezy, Clay and I came up friday about lunch. We met up with Derek, Casey, Monte, Scott and Doug and hit the trails. We did Honey hole,and Rubicon then decided it was Beer:30 and time to give the restaurant a shot. I've heard great things about it, and supposed to have a wonderful Chef.
We hit the chow hall about 5. Dave, Weezy, Clay and I, Casey, Derek and Shannon all seated at the same table. We were there a good 10 minutes before we were approached. We ordered our drinks and waited an eternity for water to arrive....then Weezy had to have lemons :dumbass:
We got our lemons and a FEW of us were served beer when we see Scott, Doug and Monte driving up the hill.

Scott, Doug and Monte get a different server and are seated behind us.

We sit there for quite a while before she even takes the appetizer order. We order those and I get up to head to the restroom. As I pass Scott, Doug and Monte I see they are already EATING their appetizers :eek: and we just ORDERED ours.
When I get back my draft beer has arrived. The mug is so small I'm not sure there's 8oz of beer in it. And Weezy's bottled nascar beer (bud light) took so long she brought him a second one to make up for it.

Scott, Doug and Monte were served, ate and LEFT before OUR food ever even arrived. In fact....I think Derek never even got his SALAD before they were gone.

When the food came it was....ho-hum. The custom Mac and Cheese was wagon wheel style with cheese and crushed ritz crackers on top :shaking: And Clay was even robbed of the ritz. To say we were all disappointed would be an understatement. $40 dinner that was just ok.

OH...and Weezy got hit with a $5 asshole charge :laughing:

Friday night on our porch was a friggin RIOT....oh lord we got rowdy. Creek water, bourbon, cigars....

This led to oversleeping saturday morning and a hangover I've not experienced since college. I mean I was drag-assin

We had a great ride saturday. @ssmith27856 learned what he was capable of, we were crop dusted by the big red CJ running rich but had flavored fuel :laughing: , Derek and Dave put on a spectacular show, We had a super-spotter, parts were tested...some were broken, Bob tested his rev limiter multiple times, and winch line was pulled. GREAT weekend in the woods.
Dave, Weezy, Clay and I all shared the cabin that use to be the pro show. It's right at the pool at the end of the parking lot, and is 100ft away from the reception hall where the wedding party was after they married in front of the Honey Hole cabin. After Saturdays club ride Me, Clay, Dave, Weezy and Casey pulled our chairs behind the cabin in the shade (sun was setting on the porch and blinding us)
Billy (the owner) came over and chewed the fat with us for quite a while. He told us about park operational costs, and it's history. It was very educational. Justin and his wife were across the field with Cody and his wife heckling us every chance they had.
Once the sun went down behind the trees we moved the party back to the porch.
We decided that after fridays dinner, we would rather eat brats and chips than spend another $40 for marginal food.
Justin and his wife finished up at the restaurant and came back to our porch for more opportunities to be kicked out.

Keith came up to join us and we all decided that, as the single guy in the group....He needed to strike while the iron was hot on all those bridesmaids left partying at the after party over in the reception hall.
Weezy decided to take the lead, and Kieth reluctantly followed. Justin's wife decided to be Keith's wingman and she and Justin headed off as well. The rest of us felt left out so we decided to crash that reception as well.
We had a ball. We played Beer Pong, hit the photo booth..there was cake, lasagna, and their specialty drink was apple crown and Mt Dew 🤮 And fireball. But hey....enough creek water and you can continue to drink anything right?

We partied with those folks till about 1:30 then came back to the porch to chill for a while before bed. Man..what a wild night.
Wow what a fun time, wheeling was great, weather was great, camaraderie was great, and the wedding party was very welcoming to smelly guys crashing it. Troy’s recap was spot on.
I hope that WEEZY had a good ride in the jeep!!!! He seemed to have enjoyed it! was killer...very well built rig...point it and go. Between yours, HateMud and Derek's buggy, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Troy damn near has me convinced I need to switch from v8's, straight lines and 6 bangers, body armor and stickies.
OH...and Weezy got hit with a $5 asshole charge :laughing:

Also...I wanted to clarify that it was never confirmed, nor denied, that it was an asshole charge...she merely said, and I quote, 'you are NOT my favorite person in here'.
This trip was great all around. Great trails that really tested me, the jeep and my winch. Rubicon also almost tested my roll cage too. I really hope someone atleast got a picture of that. I didn't take many pictures this time around.

Is it really crashing if you were invited in lol?

Thanks for putting up with my carburetor and occasional smoke screens. Enjoyed riding with you guys. Hopefully I can do it again. Been looking at Holley sniper kits today.
Can't do it...but I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't looking for cut and stretched 302 swapped bronco 2's last night.
Now that would be a fun build and different!