I guess hell finally froze over

Man, this is history. Good luck putting screen names to people. I'm still lost....I'm the long time non member from Alexander county that wheeled a White CJ-5 and a Two toned Brown and Tan Bronco 2.
If you gonna make this leap I dang sure need to get back in a wheeling rig.
Andrew Johnson.
I clicked on this thread wondering what it would hold and I would have never expected this! Welcome!

Next thing you know Robbie is gonna have his own YouTube channel and be the next off-road celebrity!
This is the LAST thing I thought I would be reading! :laughing: Welcome to the madness!!
Cutlerfab 4 wheel steer buggy? :smokin::rockon:
Easy with that high standard.

I was thinking he might post a picture? If it's a selfie we've been lied too and Shawn did this for clicks!
What a bunch of comedians!!! LOL Thanks for the smiles and laughs you all gave me this am. Now I wonder what I can do to impress next????? Stay tuned. :driver:
Im sure you will think of something!!
Got interweb recently and decided to join my good CTB friends here at nc4x4. Looking forward to the possibilities here. :clap:By the way, this is Robert (Robbie) Mozeley.
Damn!!!... I had to look twice, and think three times about this! I believe hell actually did freeze over. How ya doin' ya ole goat? :D
I'm impress, puzzled and shocked!!!!
Welcome to Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century :laughing: