Jp Dirt N Drive Trip Experience, crayon team 6

Jason W.

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Feb 27, 2009
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As many of you know, Josh got selected for the 2019 Jp Dirt N Drive.

This thread is so we can share the experience!

We are leaving 4/7 Sunday morning early, we are driving his 17 JK Rubicon Recon all the way there and back, we will get off I 40 in Jackson TN and not touch interstate again! Taking 412 and 64 all the way!

Arriving Tuesday somewhere in NM.
Wensday is tech inspections in Farmington Nm and vendor show.
Thursday we head for another town on dirt and trail!!


Cant say the other towns, they asked not to reveal that info, radio frequencies are secret till we get there.
Stand by for and adventure!!
This will be HOW many trips to moab in 2 years??

Bastards :flipoff2:

I'm so excited for you guys. I cant think of anyone more deserving of such adventures.

If folks knew how hard "life" is for you two every single day...they too could appreciate how awesome this is, and not be all butthurt that it's not THEM.

ROCK ON crayola cravers. Eat a 64 pack and poop rainbows every day of the trip :rockon::rockon::huggy::driver::beer:
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