Ok, tow dollys are dangerous, What about a tow bar?


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Mar 22, 2005
I was coming home from Raleigh on day and seen a guy towing a 70's model Fords Ranger with a 90's model F150 extended cab. A few seconds later both trucks were doing a cartwheel one the concrete divider. It was still attached and I'm not sure how but both truck were badly damaged on both sides. Tow bar worked great for him.


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Mar 23, 2005
as much as I'd love to have a bigger vehicle to tow my Willys with,I'm stuck using my 2001 Tj.I'ts a hand full from the time I leave to the time I get back.You can tell real quick which roads are taken care of better than others.Now this forces me to be extremely cautious while towing.I keep my speeds down below 100 :driver: and watch and anticipate all I can.So far I have had no problems with flat towing.To help with the weight offset,I load all I can into the wrangler to make her heavier than the Willys.All tools,jacks/stands,camping gear,spare parts go in the Tj as close to middle as possible.That helps out alot.The most I'll do on a good 4 lane highway is 50mph and it breaks down from there.So a pull from Goldsboro to say Boone is more like 8 hours.The pull from here to Eldorado outpost is 140 miles or 3.5 hours.I also stay clear of the major highways like I-40.