Problems with Chrysler and Ram - Warranty Issue - Fan Shroud Radiator Failure

By Oliver's on Aug 5, 2015 at 1:09 PM
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    I have to voice my extreme disappointment and disgust with the Chrysler corporation, mainly the RAM division and it's customer service or lack there of.

    On Thursday the 30th of July, approx. 9:30am, my 10 month old, 2014 Ram 3500 Dually with just barely 20K miles on it suffered a catastrophic failure. While going up Black Mtn. in the western part of NC, I hear a loud plastic snap sound from under the hood. I pull over immediately, raise the hood to steam and antifreeze spraying all over the engine compartment. After letting it cool for about a half hour, I was able to see all the damage that had been done in those brief few seconds. A piece of the rubber that ties the two fan shrouds together had come loose. The fan sucked the 2" rubber cover into it, causing the fan to make severe contact with the radiator. The fan had cut a 4" circular slice into the radiator, loosing the bulk of the antifeeze on the shoulder of the road where I sat stranded, less than half way up the Mtn.

    After calming down a bit I called Ram road side assistance. The lady on the phone was very nice and made sure I was safely off the road. She arranged for a tow truck to take the dually to the nearest dealership (29 miles away), but stated they would only cover the first 20 miles of the tow and that the 24' enclosed trailer I was pulling would not be covered in the tow. She stated that I would have to call another tow service to take my trailer to the dealership. Not happy about that fact, but what could I do? The tow truck arrived and hour and a half later. We then begin to unhook the trailer, the driver asked what was in the trailer? An off road buggy he was told. Taking mercy on me, he said it can't be that heavy and once he loaded the dually on the roll back, he hooked the trailer up to the hitch on the roll back also. He then took the whole thing to the dealership in Asheville NC. I then paid my portion of the 29 mile trip, $100 dollars. No worries, the driver saved me that amount at least in another tow bill, I tipped him and he went on his way.

    Once at the dealership, they said they couldn't look at the truck until the next day, they were busy and I understand that completely. Meanwhile on the phone with Ram customer service, after hours of arguing and complaining, they agreed to get me a rental truck from the Enterprise rental car across the street from the dealership. While waiting for 5+ hours at the dealership, we start looking on google to see if this type of failure has happened before. Low and behold it has and quite a few times at that. Not only that, but there was a Chrysler Star case issued, stating "The Star case is S1307000002, release date 8/12/2013 covering the improper installation of the fan shroud at the factory." This resulting in the rubber coming loose and being entangled in the fan.…/1230249-radiator-fan-clutch-n…

    A little heads shroud

    2014 6.7 2500 Fan Shroud/Radiator failure - DODGE RAM FORUM - Dodge Truck Forums

    2013 dead on side of road - Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum

    Now 4pm we are just gettng back on the road to our original destination, still 3.5 hours away. Thinking everything was under control, I relaxed a bit. Friday came and went with no call from the dealership, thinking to myself, this is clearly a warranty issue, they have me covered. I didn't think much about it the rest of the weekend, again thinking this clearly was going to be a warranty issue and it will be covered.

    Monday afternoon I finally get a call from the service writer, stating that they are refusing to warranty the truck. They claim the damage was done by an outside force such as road debris. I am a mechanic by trade, have been for over 20 years, I own my own automotive service shop, I know what happened first hand and I'm not buying this cop out. Understandably angered by this, I immediately call Ram customer service back, just to be told that there is nothing they can do. Stating that the regional rep David Hooten had the final say and his decision could not be overturned. With over $1800 dollars worth of damage done to the truck, just giving in was not an option. So I call Ram CC back again, this time getting another person. I explained the situation to her and said let me see what I can do. Apparently all channels had not been followed, as they should have been. Breathing a sigh of relief and thinking surely someone with just a little bit of common sense would be able see what has happened and help me.

    Late the next day, Tuesday the 4th of Aug, I get a call back from the Ram CC folks, I can tell from the tone of her voice it wasn't going to be good news for me. She stated, after further review they would not be warranting my truck damage, again stating that it had occurred from an outside force, such as road debris. I again plead my case but realize I'm getting nowhere fast. I hang up knowing I am out of options. I need my truck back for work, it's 2+ hours away, I'm racking up a huge rental bill now that Ram will not be covering. I have no option but to pay the inflated dealership charge and get my truck back.

    What do I do?

    I write this in hopes of someone out there knowing who I can talk to and/or someone who can help, advise or otherwise.

    A little history on the truck. 10 months old, in the shop 12 plus times with various issues. 13 new tires, yes 13! 3 new wheels, countless TPS sensors, a cruise control failure, sliding rear window failure, driver side seat electrical failure, on top of the Ram factory recall warranty issues.

    Please share this with anyone who you think could be of help.

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    1. benmack1
      WTF....this thread has gone from cummins warranty problems to family circle articles.:shaking:
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    2. 98_tj
      Well, I know this isnt a ram warranty issue but some guy was trying to defend ford, so here it goes. We have a 2012 ford mustang, we have been rear ended twice this year. We just got a letter in from ford saying if the air bags go off it will send metal into your face and possibly kill you. Fords great fix was, sorry we are working on a fix. They are saying next year they will offer a fix so drive safe. I will take Chrysler crappy warrenty over ford saying, btw if you get hard enough, you will die or get really messed up.
    3. Tim C
      Tim C
      Not defending Ford either cause they all have problems I see every day at work, but if your airbag deploys because you've been rear ended then you've done something really wrong LOL
    4. 98_tj
      It was rear ended while waiting to turn, and the person hit them while texting going 40mph and didnt tap the brakes at all
    5. Tim C
      Tim C
      The point is front airbags only deploy in a front collision. They shouldn't deploy if you're rear ended unless you're so close to the car in front that you get shoved into them. Even then they may not go off unless it's a bus or something that can get you up to 30 or more mph before the second impact.
    6. 98_tj
      But still, if they go off, you get metal to the face (might ruin your day) and they probably wont fix it. Next year is the best guess of coming up with a solution.
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    7. Tim C
      Tim C
      I know what you mean I have a cousin with a crv and an aunt with an accord and both of them have to wait til next year before Honda will have replacement bags for their cars. The supplier cant keep up with demand apparently.
    8. RobMcBee
      I'd disconnect the air bags and take my chances.... I'd rather have an accident and rely on the seat belt than get a face full of shrapnel....
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    9. fordwheelinman
      Research dodge airbag recalls and you'll feel much different. One model affected is a lot better than dodge having multiple lines affected; the trucks even have two and three airbag recalls over top of each other. Some driver, some passenger, some both, some with side curtain airbag issues. How exactly is that better???
    10. zuke
      Being fair, it all comes back to Takata no matter who bult the car.... I've got an 05 Mustang with an effected airbag, and the scary part is the problem stems from the powder in the igniter clumping in High Humidity, My Mustang has another common problem for Mustangs, It has a leak into the passenger side footwell (I just fixed that this weekend).... The windows would fog up in the thing at the slightest provocation because there was so much moisture inside... I'm still waiting for replacement airbags from Ford, Meanwhile I gotta figure out how to disable the damn thing...
    11. Tim C
      Tim C
      If its unplugged it can't go off...

      I'd disconnect the battery first for about five minutes if I were to hypothetically work on an airbag system. Most of the connectors are bright yellow so you know they're for the airbag system and won't splice into them
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    12. fordwheelinman
      No one here is interested in being fair, only completely partial biased opinionated typing.....

      Seriously it is partially takatas fault, but also manufacturers seeking to maximize profits by minimizing costs via cheapest parts supplier bids.
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