Shop redo and renovation - The Bird's Nest

Well, almost done now. I have everything finished except for screwing down the roof panels. I started the other night and will be working again this week and hopefully I'll be moving in my stuff under the roof this weekend.
Still have to trim the end boards there and throw a few more screws down on the roof, but it is pretty much functionally done. Moved my S10 and camper under it and took down the portable garage tent finally.
Next is to start installing the new garage door on the front of the shop.
2018-03-11 12.41.53.jpg
So my son was home sick yesterday, so I got just a little bit of work done. :lol:

I need to pour a little concrete apron on the front and start cleaning and organizing, but the shop is ready to start getting it organized how I want it!
2018-04-03 07.12.18.jpg
So I'll go ahead and say that I have an awesome and amazing wife who spent all Saturday in the rain helping me clean out the shop. I still have a few piles of things to go through and organize, but I have an open shop now and a clean yard in front of it. Plus I pulled out that damn stump that has been my arch nemesis.
2018-04-07 19.17.36.jpg

2018-04-07 19.17.54.jpg

2018-04-07 19.18.12.jpg

2018-04-07 19.18.25.jpg

2018-04-08 15.36.21.jpg
Shop is getting close to where I want it. Still have all the little bits and pieces, but I got the apron poured in front of the new door so I can get the Trans Am in over there where I planned the storage area for it. This way I can use the center of the shop for working on cars. Apron isn't perfect, but it is pretty damn good for my first attempt at concrete work. I'm happy with it.
Finally got the area cleaned up outside the shop and the Trans Am in its new home. Now all I have to do is finish the motor/trans swap in my Suburban and put the new interior in it and the shop will be really clean.

Taking a little break after getting the TA area cleaned out and putting it in it's new home.
2018-05-19 15.59.26.jpg
Man, figured it was time for an update here. With me being at home all the time since March I have been doing a lot of work on the shop. I totally reorganized and cleaned up. Three heaping loads to the dump and two heaping loads to the scrapyard. I've sold about everything I didn't need and the shop is super clean and organized now. I installed a ceiling in the shop and redid all the lights with LEDs and rewired them, installed the A/C unit and wired up the unit heater. Now they are regrading the area to help it drain better and have better access into the shop. I have to build a big retaining wall but I have so much better access and parking areas now. I had them clear the area where I cut that leaning tree down to make a parking area for the trailers too.
Man, been a while since I updated this. I have decided to finally finish what I wanted to do with this shop. The grading is obviously done by now, I built a large retaining wall with drainage system to keep water away from the shop. It works pretty well keeping water from the yard from getting to the shop. Made a pad and mounted my big compressor and then plumbed the shop with copper tubing. Right now the shop is torn to shreds as I install cabinets to make it look purdy. Just installed a big TV and some furniture to make it a nice hangout spot. Also a heater that seems to be doing pretty well at keeping it warm and will be even better once I finish the insulation. For now, here's a sample of my cabinets. Got the first one done. They're all going to be done in the style of old vintage shop cabinets. Here's the first one completed.
What's the middle of it look like? How much more stuff you got piled in there
It's empty right now. :lol: This one was a 24" deep base cabinet with drawers so I cut it down and made a door for it so it could hang on the wall. I haven't drilled it for pegs yet so there are no shelves. The shelves I took down here had all kinds of crap on it so hopefully I won't have it piled up with too much junk. It had some tuneup stuff for my wife's old 2005 Trailblazer on it which we haven't owned since 2016. :lol:
That is cool. Are these the standard cabinets you find at Lowe's and Home Depot that you are painting?
That is cool. Are these the standard cabinets you find at Lowe's and Home Depot that you are painting?
Most of them are just standard kitchen cabinets. The project my brother was on had a bunch of them that were damaged or leftover and were heading to the trash, so he let me grab them before they got trashed.
I'm pretty much done! Finishing cleaning and organizing. I have a few things that need to find homes but pretty ready to use. I put up a big whiteboard behind the workbench today to keep track of whatever junk I'm working on.