Shout out to Adam K


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Aug 1, 2016
Trailer popped a tire carrying a gem of a YJ home.. him and his bud(sorry forget your name but you facilitated it all) went well out of their way to assist.
I hope the beer was worthy payment!!

Get this Adam, 5miles from home the other side popped(dam tire separated).
Thanks again,
Jeff howard


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Man, I'm glad I kept that spare that had the groove in it. I was 5miles from the house. Buddy(Taylor) brought a jack&impact gun, changed the tire on i-85.. I slow boated home.. all is good an in the front yard.
Guess it's a northern tool run again tomorrow hahahahah
Adam is a good KG

Dem tars doe 😳

My stock big Tex trailer tires did something similar on the way to Moab.

Had one start separating so we stopped and put the spare on. Then a few 100 miles later another tire separated and blew. Put on sketch ass spare and made it to Moab
Spent $600 on 4 Carlisle e rated. Turns out all 4 we're coming apart with more than 1/2 the tread.

To my knowledge....after a return from Moab, 2 trips to AOP, golden mountain, and windrock, Jason drug it all over and then lankford drug it around...and it's still rocking those carlises
Tire separated on other side.

Looks like the fender got into that one to because it definitely looked fine when you left. I know you didn't have much choice on how the trailer was loaded but that's where your loosing clearance on your fenders I think.

Just glad you were able to get back on the road safe.