So you wanna wheel Walden's Ridge at Windrock do ya? Well, well, well...

By Jody Treadway on Aug 3, 2015 at 11:58 AM
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    Last weekend myself and a few buddies loaded up and headed to Windrock for the sole purpose of doing something stupid, wheeling the Walden's Ridge trail. What is Walden' Ridge you ask? Well, it is a ridge line trail on the top of a mountain near trail 75. There are drop offs easily reaching 500+' on each side. This is definitely not a trail for the faint of heart!

    Our group consisted of @woodrow, @EdJonesJeeper, @McCracken, an XJ on 37s, another TJ on 35s, a YJ on 37s and myself. We all completed the trail with the SWB Jeeps getting the assistance of a winch down the final drop (which is probably 5-6' tall), Except for @EdJonesJeeper because he is the man.

    Luckily for me, my brake master cylinder decided to crap out on me after winching the red TJ down the last rock. My descent was a bit nerve racking, but I made it.

    The rest of the trail is a series of switchbacks and ledges with a scenic decent down the mountain.

    On to the pics!
    wr1.jpg wr2.jpg wr3.jpg wr4.jpg wr5.jpg wr6.jpg wr7.jpg wr8.jpg
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