So you wanna wheel Walden's Ridge at Windrock do ya? Well, well, well...

By Jody Treadway on Aug 3, 2015 at 11:58 AM
  1. Jody Treadway

    Jody Treadway Croc wearing fool Moderator

    Mar 20, 2005
    Hendersonville, NC
    Last weekend myself and a few buddies loaded up and headed to Windrock for the sole purpose of doing something stupid, wheeling the Walden's Ridge trail. What is Walden' Ridge you ask? Well, it is a ridge line trail on the top of a mountain near trail 75. There are drop offs easily reaching 500+' on each side. This is definitely not a trail for the faint of heart!

    Our group consisted of @woodrow, @EdJonesJeeper, @McCracken, an XJ on 37s, another TJ on 35s, a YJ on 37s and myself. We all completed the trail with the SWB Jeeps getting the assistance of a winch down the final drop (which is probably 5-6' tall), Except for @EdJonesJeeper because he is the man.

    Luckily for me, my brake master cylinder decided to crap out on me after winching the red TJ down the last rock. My descent was a bit nerve racking, but I made it.

    The rest of the trail is a series of switchbacks and ledges with a scenic decent down the mountain.

    On to the pics!
    wr1.jpg wr2.jpg wr3.jpg wr4.jpg wr5.jpg wr6.jpg wr7.jpg wr8.jpg
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    1. Jody Treadway
      Jody Treadway
      According to a buddy of mine you can access it about 10 miles from the Rattlerock exit, but we didn't go that way.
      We went out Hwy 330 and turned onto Walden Ridge Rd.
    2. Mac5005

      What % of the trail is like this pic?

      Just trying to get a realistic idea, so a bad 90* turn (picture of Jody leaning off) onto a rock ridge, with an otherwise "hell-no" looking decent at the end of that rock ridge also pictured above?

      What is the rest of the trail like?

      Is it worth doing again, or one of those mark it off the list?

      I've been waiting to see pics of this ever since there was talks about it on Hardline.
    3. ord.sgt.26NC
      fuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkkk...and i thought the trail to the waterfall was a job to drive. Nellie Belle said she ain't goin.
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    4. Jody Treadway
      Jody Treadway
      I'll do it again in a heartbeat in the fall and/or spring when the foliage is not so thick. The views are unreal.
      The first 500' is the bad part. Bad being drop offs and very, very narrow and off camber.
      The rest of the trail reminds me of the hilly part of Mason Jar. Steep but safe climbs, a few ledges and really enjoyable, albeit long.
      The entrance is sketchy, the first narrow rocky pass is more sketchy and the exit is stupid sketchy if you have short wheelbase. The section of rock on top of the ridge is only about 8-9' wide and there is very little room for error.
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    5. McCracken
      I'd say there are 4 or 5 sections with crawling type obstacles. First one was just to get up on the trail, then there are numerous narrow sections where the mountain drops off on both sides. Then the exposed rock section you see in the pics. Next is a section that's straight uphill with a 90° left turn back onto the ridge line. Then some more narrow riding. I think we missed a section but the next is a small section of rocks that are tall and narrow like shark fins. Probably 50'. Lastly, there's a final rock section that goes up and to the right. After that it's all up and down the mountain until the end. It's a long trail. It took us ~6 hours to run. I'd do it again knowing what I know now. Start early and you'll have plenty enough time to hit other stuff in the park.
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    6. EdJonesJeeper
    7. Mac5005
      Haha. My adrenaline is going just reading the description and seeing the pics.

      It's a mix of fawk yes I want to do that, and hellllllllllllllll NO!!!
    8. Croatan_Kid
      I realize that I really need to build a dedicated wheeling rig if I really want to do cool things like this....
    9. ol'Jeeps
      Well! There's a reason to go back to Windrock! Thanks for the pics!
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    10. ol'Jeeps
      Well! There's a reason to go back to Windrock! Thanks for the pics!
    11. Stuntman Autoworks
      Stuntman Autoworks
      Can't wait to go, never been to windrock but this just makes me want to go even more.
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    12. John Fuller
      John Fuller
      Holy guy are nuts. awesome looking place,nice pictures. some serious wheeling right there!! i got nervous just looking at the pictures lol.
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    13. EdJonesJeeper
      Some more from Waldens ridge trail




    14. chrishundley138
      There is video on Bleepinjeep YouTube channel of him and a few running it.. Wanted to run it ever since that.. But that drop doe..
    15. Luth Man
      Luth Man
      I'm late to see the pics, they're good. My hands were shaking after the ride over that ridge. Think they still are, but still a good time with friends. If you go there bring your grit and a jumbo sized sack!!!
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    16. 01tj
      Did yall tow over to Waldens Ridge? We rode up there last night after the SRRS race trying to find it before we head up there on the next trip. I saw a few trails turn off the rd, which one do you take?
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    17. Infamous1
      This? I Will be going back to run the ridge!!
    18. Jody Treadway
      Jody Treadway
      We left from the main parking lot at the pay station. Turned left by the maintainence shed and took that road to the end. Then left onto 330 about 4 miles and right onto Walden's Ridge Rd. Go about 1.5 miles up the road and the trail is on the left. Can't miss it.
      There are easier ways but that's all we knew at the time.
      I used up probably $100 worth of sticky Treps driving there!
    19. ghost
      IDK if I have the jeep and kahunas to wheel that trail........ Thanks for the share though. I can live vicariously through you guys.....
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    20. XJsavage
      Psssssshhh.... I always knowed yous skedd. :flipoff2:
    21. GotWood
      AWSOME! If my junk every gets finished the way I envisuon, I'd be up for it.
    22. redneck grrrl
      redneck grrrl
      you probably know my rig better, you think my WB is to short? cause I want to do this. !!!!!
    23. ol'Jeeps
      nahhhh...worst case we can strap ya!:driver:
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    24. McCracken
      it's doable. IMO, you have the advantage as long as you aren't 8' wide like some of us.
    25. Mattel
      WOW! That looks like you had a blast!!! Where is this place located? What trail system? Sorry, I'm a new-b from the Mountains.

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