What have you done to your rig today?


Is it 5 YET?
May 15, 2008
Charlotte, NC
So this isn't a tech thread per se, just some motivation to keep us all slogging away on our junk. It's been very popular on a couple Bronco sites. Figured I'd plant this here.

Got the body tub installed on my 67'. A long way from done...


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Thanks! I'm hoping that people will post up with whatever they're doing on any given day. Small stuff like a bolt on part up to doing machine work or whatever. It's just nice to see things getting done and see some neat stuff. Kinda like the killer welds thread except this one requires a lot less skillz
Installed new spark plugs in the JK today. Starting on my list of winter maintenance items to get done before spring. Front brake job will be next.
Cleaned the mud out of the right front on Cyd's jeep. Wrapped up the steering box install on mine. Adjusted and tightened the radiator hoses on hers. Checked oil. Mine's good, hers is a quart low.

Tomorrow I might install a fuel tank in hers and put a new clamp on the tailpipe to stop it from rattling.
Not to be "that guy," but you asked...

I've done nothing to my rig for quite some time now. It sits at a buddy's house needing some engine and driveline work. My ex kept the D44/9" axle set I had for it out if spite when we split. One day I'll either have some money to put into it or sell it.
Drove it to work!

Too bad I don't have a dedicated trail rig, but I do enjoy being able to drive my JKU everyday.
Baby steps, cleaning and prepping for final engine install and measuring for shock towers.
I love Sundays.... Not the wheeling rig but my DD Yukon XL got a 12" light bar in the front tied into the high beam positive and the rear got a 4" flood beam work light tied into the reverse. Being able to see what you're doing during a late night boat launch is nice.
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Wasn't today but I did put on a 2.5 lift last weekend. Dang lot of work for an old fart crawling around under a Jeep on jack stands. Love it though.
Tore mine down for the turbo.. waiting on parts