1995 Ford E350 - RV, Tow Rig - BooBooBox


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Mar 17, 2005
N. Raleigh, NC

1995 E350 7.3/E4OD, 4.10s
Yes, it an ambulance :flipoff2:

It name is the BooBooBox
The name that appearer later cause, well, it is a BooBooBox....
I'm ok with that name (thanks Gavan.....)

I got the van about 3 year ago. It was needing a lot, but I did not pay too much.
things like all new tires, the old ones were dry rotted.
It had been sitting for a few year so the engine needed new everything that had rubber in it name.
Brakes lines, oil lines, fuel pump hoses, etc

Just to get the van home it take a lot. It would only run for about 15 minutes and the stall then it would
start back up and run for you guess it, 15 minutes. Made for an interesting trip home. But we made it. (Thanks Val :) )

These van/truck were the first few years that Ford an International started their partnership.
So 95/96 they left them alone, zero modification, basically the same as what a MDT truck got.
Your probably thinking 'turn it up' , fuck that !! It will do the speed limit, that what I'm interested in it.

Things I did to make it reliable........ ( more as i think about them.....)

Doors and Fenders - White :)
The door were easy enough, i want a door with, manual windows and were capable of supporting a 4 bolt mirror.
Easy enough, I found them..
The fender at the same place I get the doors.

Mirror - I have 2001--> 4 bolt extendable mirror, they are nice.
On the vans you can swap the doors from 1992 --> up and you get the mirrors.
Ya my interior is not the correct shade of light grey, who cares, not me.....

New electric fuel pump - AirDogII/4G
I knew what the problem there were having BUT the 4G fixed all that. The motor was supported on both sides with a bearing.
I did not like the other company out there. This company had much more in the MDT/HDT market, which i wanted.
I called them up and very carefully said what i wanted. 'My stroke' was there, I knew what i wanted but it did not always come out of my mouth.
Anyways, I had to wait for him (AirDog peoples) to ordered some stuff to do it on the 7.3 properly ( to do it with the high psi ~50)
but it come out nicely and proper, i also specified the the van needed JIC fitting, they had them too. Bam ! I had it.....

But it run the van great, for 15 minutes, hmmmmm ok whats next.

Oil Lines
The two high pressure oil lines, were next on my list, so we order some, really nice high pressure.
I order them from a small company, They went in no problem.
The third line was new and that was a simple matter.
It took out the DuckDuckDuck at idle and smoothed it out.

Fuel line
When changing out the fuel lines and return to -6AN from out in the back,
I also need to change out from the 'block' where the fuel pressure regulator sits, to each of the heads.
For the I bought -4AN 16" hose. I bought 'good' hose from Aeoquipt
I figure that at a spot i should try to save a few dollars.
Again there rated for brake line and i only running diesel through it.

Well, a solid IDM does not work well when it has water in it. It took me a while to figure that out.
A re/new one was relative cheep.
Of course digging it out from behind the (former) battery location, up high on the drive fender,
Takes longer to swap in the new in.
With that new one it started AND ran fine, for longer then 15 minutes.
I still have the old one, that I drained out the water, and guess what it works fine (with out the water).
Must be there a vent on it that over time and that it being out on the fender,
gets 1/2 cup of water and it just enough to cause problems.
oh well.....

When i get the RV i really did not know the true mileage of the motor.
I knew the mileage on the chassis, so i assume the worst and i went from there.
I took the turbo off so i could do some other stuff, but beings it was off a quick look won't hurt anything.
About the only thing i did was to install a (stroke) uhhh the original thing,
it go around about 50% to (impeller) with to side load,
this one goes around about 80% and it prevents it from damaging anything else.
(360 deg, thrust bearing)
I pop one in there everything else look brand new.
Also when i had the turbo out i replace it onto a non-ebpv pedestal, less to get in the way, less to break.

Rear Hitch - etrailer
My van chassis did not have any holes drilled, but had wiring and relays all set.
On the hitch, i do not like to build these because if i were to get in an accident,
the other guy would look for anything and these days and pictures goolor.

Front Hitch
I just got this, figure that i would use it mostly for back the trailer in to its spot, but we've used it alot.
It hold the bike rack, Firewood carrier, amugst other things.

Battery I had to put them in the right compartment, I needed some heavy gauge wire are the time.
With these, everything goes to a switch by my seat to turn it off/on. I chose to get 2 gel cells, because they sit for a long time and they do not get charged.
Plus they can be depleted more often then flooded cell.

Power Steering Pump
Yes, I changed it out for a newer 'Saginaw III' pump.
It seemed to be 'alright' with a original pump. Yes it would squeal when at idle and it would making noises due to the plastic pump body.
Its 'ok' i mean i drove to NY it wasn't 'bad' but it wasn't great.
But one thing that it does not like is when you turn the wheel and you keep trying to turn it when your turned all the way.
The pressure is gynormace.
Try explain that to someone who is not a 'mechanic' like minded.
It not a big deal 'my wife' help me to make the decision.
I hunted around and bought a proper mount for it on ebay.
With all the parts it was just reassembling in the correct order.

Those Thinking About a Pump......
To those who are thinking about it, power steering pump - Saginaw III on the PSD. Some key things:
Be careful, and watch those who are selling a power steering pump that 'claims' to be for a 7.3 psd pump, some are, some aren't.
The pump is right, BUT the PULLEY may not not be correct.
It not to difficult to fix the pulley. It's got to be 'pulled out' a ~1/4" to align it with the 7.3 '8 grove' belt.
(So, I took the pulley off the pump and toss it in my press)
It easy for me to say that, NOW. I spent a long time in there scratching my head, going 'why did they do it ?'
After I 'fixed' the problem, I knew what to look for.
I even saw an 'ambulance' with a 7.3 psd that was 2002,
that had an original Saginaw III pump and it was the same as I concluded.​
So ether modify your pulley or get one that came off a 7.3 psd.​

Tires (2015)
LT265/75R16 Transforce ( SRW ) 3500# each with a 1/2" spacer on each side ( in the rear)
This was a slow progress for me. I figure (wrong) that i would get what ever the manufacture specified for that vehicle.
Nope. the LT245 were great, BUT my mileage was off from my speedometer.
How can that be...... Cause i did remember most all of the ambulance were dully.
The correct size would not fit on the rear. (The tire is to wide) But i am a SRW (single rear wheel). So....
I went up to a LT265 and my speedometer is exact.
-In the rear i also put in a 1/2" spacer to widening, it out, just a little bit.

New - (Nov. 2017)
This is hard for me because i did not want a 'dully' (DRW). But as things progress, i ended up with one. :\
On the van it is easier, to change one, to the other. So i started out researching 'rims'.
Let me tell you what, there is a whole lot of researching just rims.
The tire spacing is more/less what you have to be careful. (when going UP in tire size).
I opted to get new rims. They are the right spacing, that i need.
The tire size i am going with is: LT235/85R16 (In the back and spare)
I stuck with the Firestone Transforce. Why, cause they work, durable and tough.
I stuck the two that i had in the rear, up to the front. (LT265/75R16)
Totly firms the whole back end up.

Rear Sway Bar
First, i do not know why Ford thought they might not need one. Yes, yes they do.....
So i bought one. ebay :)
It firm things up a bit, when your going down the highway.
Unless you have driving a large van (aka moving truck) it is hard to explain.
That back end its in it own oscillation, it's there but the top goes from left to right. It hard to explain.
It stop that completely.

Dana 70
Dana 70, Rear Disk - Why ? Because.... It needed it....... Not really. But it stops much better....
On my trip to NY for a couple of weeks i had my grocery list of thing to get.
Bamn ! Dana 70 (thanks Rob)
With about 120k on it I wanted to freshening it up a bit.
New brakes, new hoses, seals, new bearings all through out. I figure, its good for as long, as i have it.

Leaf Springs
Polyurethane bushings, they weren't very expensive and the van was half way there because i had it apart for the axle.
They definitely firm things up.

New U joints - Ummmm how can i say this....
The old joints were missing a few needle bearings, Pack it full of grease, it will hold......
After a trip to NY like that.... Ya, i fixed it......
New spicer joints.... Again, I will probably will never have to do it again.....

other items
New belt
Got rid of 100# of $%$#, Duel AC Heater etc

Solar Panels, Renogy MPPT Controller
14" Sky light *** Do it, best mod ever!!!!
Redo bed area, sink area, etc
Paper Towle holder
Table / leg

Thing i have done to it. Not in order.


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Mar 17, 2005
N. Raleigh, NC

Where to begin......
Pay the money and do not skimp. That what took me a while. Afraid to spend the money......
Once i decided these is what i wanted it was real easy,
Mind you i did go to school for this... This = BS Computer Engineering.
YouTube see what every person out there is doing watch videos.
Get LEDs for everything the you plan on work while you are not hook to power.
I had 6 lights, that i went from .65v each to .065v each, that's HUGE. (NY brother, joke)
Also you don't have to be a watts miser, during the day, the 4 hour of peak time were you putting out fully.
You can run your microwave and do the kinda stuff it does not hurt you.
But at night, think about it.

Do I need 2 panels ? Hell no But where i normally park next to my house it do not get a lot of direct 100% sun.
Maybe an hour or 2, the rest is a partial sun. So i figured the 2 arrays would be better then 1 array.
And i can run phone charger, fan, laptop, radio etc.

Solar Panels
I got them from Renogly (yes i know i could have saved $ .0005 by going some place else...)
It came with all the stuff, bracket, self tapping screws etc.
Usually the stuff that i forget, then i pay for it. I laid them out to see which direction i would need them to go.
Keeping in mind i need to cut a whole for my fan.*
And i also figured that if i need more watts, (panel) i may not need them for a while.
Luckily the RV had a small hole that i am able to reuse on the top.
It was a kinda short wave antenna so i drill out the whole bigger and bought a cover for it.
Done, 200 amps (on the roof, in fully sun) is kinda nice.

Solar Controller
pwm = pulse width modulation
mttp = (uhhh i forget )
More then one solar panel, go with the MTTP.
Basically it does not clip off your voltage to match the controller.
The one that I have does not have a ton of feature, but I like that.
No lcd screen, just a number, and spits out solar power. Perfect...

Sky light / Fan
This is the best thing you can do, by far.
Cut a hole in the roof and pop one of these in there.
I bought a cheep one i figure i will have enough save up next year.
I has a fan, so i ran the wire for that. It quickly removes heat.

Left Cabinet
More on this later.....
Spare Tire, Load leveler, oil, trans fluid. Propane, I have to add a few more shelves...
Lead Cord - I drilled a hole, and hung up the cord..... (and i plug up the vents on the doorway to)

Round Trash Bin - Very simple, not to heavy, stays out of the way.
Easy to remove, again think 4x4 stuff. Drain pan etc....
How can i say this..... washing your hair works AWESOME.
Handel - Well..... it there for more the opening the door.
Window - With just some filing, i can get an extra 1/2" inch of widow opening. Ya
Counter Area
It is apart, now.. I mean total apart.
I have gotten the top open of the counter top, while i place the water tank inside.
I do need to 'stain' the walls.
more on that later........

Screens and blockage
Some time it is windy out but you still want the door open.
Another time you have to use the 'john', so you might need a little more privetsey.
This 'wall' is made out of a certain, on its side. It amazing what you can do when you have a sewing machine.
I made some screens to cover the back door and to cover the side door.
At night, it is nice to have fresh air.

Battery - Van, I have 2 (two) battery's. I moved them from the front, under the hood, to behind the passenger area.
To the right side compartment, down a the bottom. I ran wires of 2/0 to the starter and to the switch.
Switch - I have a switch that shut off power to everything. It is handy.


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Mar 17, 2005
N. Raleigh, NC
Getting there. I finale settled on a 10 gallon, fresh water tank. I have a little 12v pump that is adequate for the job. Think minimal, washing hands, drink of water, filling up coffee pot. The grey water will be cached in a 5 gallon jug. Been so hot these passed month (95deg - 105deg) HOT !!!!

Right Cabinet
Battery down bellow, can't reach them from inside, tools, misc. junk :)
It is real easy to jam stuff in there i can get it from inside and outside. Kinda nice....

Side Top Cabinet
Your probable think i took a pic of the microwave ? Kinda right, but more of the lid on the top loading cabinet.
At first I had a piece a grey laminated on there.
Did not like that because usually when someone stop over, they sit there.
I needed something heavier but not plywood. Two pieces of 5/4 wood work out nice...

Table - Yup there it is..... Its kinda funny because i cut each corner off a little bit different.
Its on a table leg that i can remove it, as needed.
but its very useful, set your coffee down.
Place your plate, when your eating.
Thing like that...
I picked up a leg and the 2 aluminum sockets to match on ebay.
And i made a mounting thing for it, when it is not needed.

Electrical outlet
Amazon $15 ,
i was not going to spend $30, i would have have a lead cord out the bottom.
But I can do $15

Sleeping/Bed Rail
I added this after a few nights of sleeping in the #2 spot.
Yes, the wife gets what ever she wants.
The RV was leaning a good bit toward the passenger door (5-10 deg) The truck was fine...
but me sleeping was not good. I should have got the truck leveler out but ahhh.
It was an easy fix, i don't know why i did not do it before.
It also keep the blankets in there with out falling on the floor.
Well i said it small enough for me. Well i had to make it a 'little' bigger.
Just enough so i could raise my knees while sleeping.
That equals 6.5"
More better !!!!


Stool Thingamigig
I had (still have) a plastic stool that folds up. It is 'ok', great for kids, pretty cheep, but that's it.
I needed something a bit more manly.
Something i could use it as a mini-table, inside/outside.
I could cook on it, and not spend a ton of money....
I took one of these and a chopped off 2" from the bottom so i could use it as a step.
So quick and dirty, 15 min and bam..


Seating Area
Hey ! Look at the mess !!! Na Not really....
But if you look at the beach seat, the very front part of it,
I put the chairs in there, and other thing that are 'bagged'
I have added 3 holes about 4" in diameter that i drilled into the front edge all along the front.
They provide air movement and give me room where i can get stuff out.
This is the beach/ sleeping area. It did NOT have a bench seat when I got it.
I made the frame out of 1" square tube and then added some 1"x2" pad so i could bolt the top to it.
When i took measurements of it i added a few inches and clipped the corner off.
There is a foam pad that goes there.

Rear Step
This part ranks pretty high on the scale of things that matter.
It did NOT take me that long to make it, though i had a weld on to the side of a receiver hitch.
There was a grate thing that was there, but in order for me to tow i had to delete that to put in the main receiver hitch.
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Mar 17, 2005
N. Raleigh, NC
Just some spec. for those who care......
T444_LF_207_878 ( _ = spaces )


VIN RV (Ambulance) * most of it

E30 = Commercial Cutaway


LT265/75R16 Tranforce ( SRW ) 3500# each
with a 1/2" spacer on each side​
update: 10/20/2017 I added dual tires to the van, much nicer...
They are the LT235/85R16 out back, and spare tire.
I have moved the 2x LT265 to the front​

235/75R15 50psi, 2000# per tire (yup they are car tires :flipoff2: )
Hankook Optimo H724 P235/75R15 108S (From Amazon and WalMart )
The 108 = 2205# and S = Speed Index = 112mph
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May 25, 2006
Waiting on more inside shots......


Better Faster Stronger
Mar 17, 2005
N. Raleigh, NC
oh, why ? It ain't to pretty it, more functional....

ok ill snap to it......

darn i guess i do NOT have any recent one....
ill be back in a few minutes.....


more about why i did what, but pic away
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Mar 13, 2005
Raleigh, NC
@yager it's probably too late for you now, but I have a crimp tool for large gauge electrical wire.


Better Faster Stronger
Mar 17, 2005
N. Raleigh, NC
I know i had mention it up top, but i forget to post a picture.
Basically from SRW --> DRW


i had to increase the size of the wheel well about 1.5" (up) to fit them properly.
I had a pair of TJ rear fender flares that worked out awesome on the back.
i thought awhile (3 days) on whether or not to switch over the front TB to Dual width brakes or not.
Carry 2 spares, changing out sequence. Then i opted to get the brake rotors, from Snapa, (they are heavy to ship.)
i grease them up with EP2, my old bearings looked good, so i toss them in there. Done....

The rear axle.....
About a year ago i had switch my axle with a newer axle, that give me disk brakes, i opted to keep it stock witch was with DRW disk brakes. Basically it is a slant of the rotor. SRW = |_ and a DRW = \_
I did this as a, well maybe i switch to DRW eventually. I did.

It took me a while to do this, the BooBooBox basically sat on jack stands for 2 weeks.
While i did all the steps in progress.
I ordered new wheels, new tires, ebay lug nuts,sold my 'old' tires etc...

So..... Here are the numbers...
9750# as the CAT said.
I was 'ok' on SRW but the rear was over 6000#. Yes i had 3500# tires) I thought about it a while.
Mind you i redid many things, over time, my springs with new poly bushing,
and a new to me, rear sway bar, but i came to the conclusion, that this was needed.
With in a mile from the house i knew that i was right....

I remember when he said that 3 year ago when i first got it.... "You will switch it out to duels" (sp)
So to Gavan, you we right, i was wrong........ ;) Whaaaaa

Yes, i learned that my friends were calling it BooBooBox, i was like huh?
But after a while the name kinda stuck, and actually,
the name fits, for many reasons.


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Mar 17, 2005
N. Raleigh, NC
Got a little more done.
The cover on the seat cushion.
Black (new) material, of a soft top.



A step, some aluminum, bent up.
(yes, it is so i make it easier to stand up and pee)


Ralph Graw
May 19, 2005
Raleigh, NC
Was cool getting to see this in person at Spring Fling last weekend. I've followed a lot of builds on various forums and know you've done a lot of work to this and it shows. Very cool rig!


Better Faster Stronger
Mar 17, 2005
N. Raleigh, NC
i added that back in May-ish, the fold out table. This the rocks ! So easy to use.
I have some adjustments on the side, in case i want to lower it 12", (4" between adjustment)


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Ralph Graw
May 19, 2005
Raleigh, NC
i added that back in May-ish, the fold out table. This the rocks ! So easy to use.
I have some adjustments on the side, in case i want to lower it 12", (4" between adjustment)

Very nice! I need to introduce you to a better mustard tho - Lusty Monk. Whole Foods has it, maybe Lowes Foods. In the refrigerated section. You'll never go back! :)


Better Faster Stronger
Mar 17, 2005
N. Raleigh, NC
Potts is a little too far for me now, this year/s...
But, I have been reading on Lusty Monks mustard....
It seams that, while it is to be refrigerated,
is does not really 'need' to be.
Yes i admit i will be sacrificing the flavor, but ill have it in the camper !!!!
Ill have a hit up @/dev/yj for a taste of it :)


Ralph Graw
May 19, 2005
Raleigh, NC