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Mar 10, 2005
aimg.nc4x4.net_wp_2012_01_DSC_9106_1_150x150.jpgSean Rose qualified for the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers at the ECORS Harlan Qualifier in August, 2010, on a shredded right front tire. His 914 buggy arrived in Johnson Valley last February with a bang when the transmission blew up while backing off the trailer. Sean had been Shawn Fisher's co-driver at the 2010 KOH and was determined not to lose his chance to make a dream into reality: to drive in the epic race and take his shot at a chance to raise the sceptre as King of the Hammers. He and his dedicated crew put it all back together during the week on the lake bed but he rolled going up Outer Limits on his second lap.

After qualifying at Rausch Creek last May, Team Fourward Momentum is heading west this week for the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers!

aimg.nc4x4.net_wp_2012_01_DSC_2299_1_150x150.jpgWe first met Sean at the Devils' Playground in March, 2010, at the ECORS season opener. His helmet had a skull design, with gears showing through some holes, and his C-Class buggy was PINK. We found out he'd built the buggy for his mom, Phyllis Rose, and it was officially hers. Sean spent 2009 co-driving for Shawn Fisher's Team 1% 4419 in XRRA and decided to race in 2010, but didn't have time to build a ride. Phyllis was kind enough to rent her buggy back to him! The paint is a little less pink now and some specs have changed but Sean never fails to drive it hard and put in the hours of wrenching. As Phyllis says, "it is never finished."

Despite many late nights, Sean took a few minutes to share a little about his upcoming trip to KOH and his love of wheeling...


Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever been off-road?

We have wheeled in a lot of places but I have to say west of the Mississippi is where my favorite rock crawling is. I also have to say that I have spent a lot of time in Harlan, KY, and had a great time. I just found Dirty Turtle this past year and I know I will be going there a lot more this coming year. Can’t believe I found a place about an hour and a half from my Ohio home. When it comes down to it, though, if someone said to me that they would give me an all expenses paid trip to wherever I would want to go it would be the Phoenix, AZ, area.


What is your favorite trail?

It is really more of an obstacle but I would say Little Jagger at Harlan, KY.


Which do you like best, sand, mud or rocks?

Without a doubt it is rocks!


When it comes to competition, what is your favorite track/course/park?

My favorites are Devils' Playground for a track, King of the Hammers for a course, and Dirty Turtle for a park.


Tell us a little about the 914.

The 914 has a 6.0 Chevy motor, 700R4 transmission, Stak transfer case, 40” Goodyear MTRs, Dana 60s front and rear, 4 wheel steering, 32 gallon Fuel Safe fuel cell, Bilstein Coilovers & bypass shocks and a Loud. Ass. Airhorn.


Who are your sponsors?

First is my mother, Phyllis Rose, who is an Advanced Director for the Pampered Chef. Then my dad, Jerry Rose, who owns Rose Grinding & Mfg Co. This is a small machine shop where I do my own fabrication and make parts. Joe Braun of Braun’s Welding & Fabrication for all his help welding and building my spare tire rack, George Cobb of SSR Graphics for all my stickers and decals, Chris Brower aka "snappy” of Snap-On Tools, Rob Eldridge of R&R Lawn Service for his donation and discounts for helping to feed the crew, and Reid Racing Knuckles for helping me out with a good discount, and just today Rigid Industries with a great price for an awesome light bar.

aimg.nc4x4.net_wp_2012_01_DSC_6317_1_150x150.jpgI would like to thank all of the people who have helped me out by working on the buggy to get it ready to go to the Hammers. First my mom and dad who have been great supporters, then all of these workers, Lester Snodgrass who has spent most nights and weekends, some being all-nighters. Joe Braun, Butch Kemp, Dennis Bell, Ron O’Neil, Tony Rose, Brian Satterfield, Pete Jackson, my co-driver, Keith Rose, Jason Wendling, Brad Watts, George Cobb, Shawn Fisher, Aaron Strode, and if I forgot your name here I apologize but my mind is starting to turn to mush as we are coming down to the wire again.

We wish Sean and Team Fourward Momentum the best of luck as they embark on their second Griffin King of the Hammers! We're missing out on a trip to the lakebed this year but if you're gonna be in Hammertown, look for the pink 914 and also a couple of NC4x4 banners. If I remember correctly, Sean's dad celebrated his birthday in the pit tent there last year so I hope Jerry has a great birthday!

Thanks to Sean Rose, and to Phyllis Rose, for their time to help us put this together!

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Mar 19, 2005
The 914 buggy of Sean Rose is heading west this week to compete in their second King of the Hammers. We wish Sean and Team Fourward Momentum the best of luck and hope this year's trip to Hammertown is uneventful!


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Apr 16, 2005
Sharon, SC
Good luck, Sean.
Give 'em hell.

Really guys you will not find a better guy, or entire family for that matter. You have a big fan in Kylie pulin for you!