bbc rockwell buggy


Finally seen the thread!

Buggy is lookin real good!

That long chassis really makes it look like a MONSTER of a rig!

BTW...I'm sure she'll be back to Kevin's rig when she sees the roomy back seat!:rolleyes:
Man that girl looks familiar was she not at the Christmas party
any plans to reinforce the link mounts at the frame?

no idea what has been done, but from the pictures, the link mounts stand out as not being well braced/boxed/reinforced/etc

cool build though!
Just got home from Larry's

this thing is sweet, custom floor plans, and the dash work with the gauges installed looks great

test run this Sunday?
DAMN that was a quick build!

Is it just an illusion, or is his head reeeeaallly close to the top of the cage?